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Dirty Office365 Excel install - cannot repair

  • We are testing two clients with Enterprise Office 365.


    One of those clients dirties Excel files and Excel itself stops frequently.


    I am used to seeing a repair option, however the only option is to uninstall Excel.


    Any suggestions?


  • Sorry I meant to say that the only option is to uninstall Office365

  • Hello wavemaster,

    Is this an issue with specific spreadsheets, or is it all spreadsheets?

  • I have one file that I opened on the machine with the problematic Excel, that file back on my machine is still giving me problems.

    It seems like it is dirtying all Excel files.

  • Hello wavemaster,

    I would suggest quarrantining that file, and if there isn't a repair option for Excel, then remove and re-install Excel, and don't open that spreadsheet.