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Pasting Text in Outlook

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How can I paste text in an Outlook e-mail?  I've been attempting just copy and paste from all types of soruces and the e-mail function is not accepting my attemtpts to paste.

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  • Is this on Outlook Desktp or Outlook web Access?

    If OWA, which browser are you using?

  • I will attempt to understand the question.  I am using the Office 365 Outlook so I will surmise that is web Access.  I typically go through either Explore or Mozilla.  What is OWA?

    here's the wierd thing - the above I actually copied from my Outlook e-0mail and pasted here

  • Appologies!  Outlook Web Access (OWA) is used via 365 portal.  Even though you use Office 365 it can still be connected to Outlook (Desktop version).

    Does you Outlook (OWA) look like number 1 or number 2 image below?


    Number 1


    Number 2


    Does CTRL+V allow you to paste.  It might be worth adding your OWA to the trusted sites list, and reset this to default.  It sounds like the activex features are beeing blocked.

  • My Oultook looks like #2 and qwhen this post showed up in my Outlook I could not see the two images you provided

  • I will check the Ctrl V function

  • To add Outlook Web Access to your trusted site list then do the following


    Open Internet Explorer

    Log on to the portal and click on Outlook at the top

    The click on the cog in the top right hand corner of internet explorer (or tools on the top)

    On the menu click on Internet Options

    Click on Security Tab, then Trusted Sites and then Sites (Button)

    In the box labelled "add this website to the zone:" edit the address to https://* and click add.

    Click on Close

    Click on Default Level

    Click OK

    Refresh the page (F5 on the keyboard)

    Try creating a new email and test the paste option

  • You may also want to add the following addresses;



    http://*  (this will need the tick removed at the bottom before adding - see below)

  • That is normal, Outlook blocks pictures by default.

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