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Can't save file to workspace when offline

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When I try and save a file to my workspace documents folder and I am offline I get an error that there is no connection to the server - I know that as I am offline but I expected the saved file to be cached and sync with workspace when next online.


There seems to be 2 option to workaround this


1. Save to local "My Documents" and copy it to Workspace when online - I want to avoid this as I want to teach users to save to Workspace at all times.


2. "net stop sens" I dont know why issuing this command works but it does.


Is option 2 the official method of being able to save new files to the workspace when offline?

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  • Hello

    I understand your are using SharePoint Workspace synchronized with SharePoint site

    to be able to 'upload' file when offline with Workspace:

    * check on the systray if you have an icon like an orange circle 'Microsoft Office Upload Center'  and open it

    >> if not, on the start menu type 'upload center' and launch it

    * click on the "Pause upload' button

    this will put on hold all your upload, even online

  • Hi fryrpc,

    Does the reply above answer your questions?


    Kylin Yang.

  • No this does not. It looks like the only way to create new files whilst offline is to stop the SENS service.

  • Hi Fryrpc,

    To sotp the SENS service is a good way to do so.

    Please refer to the link:


    I want to let you know that you can synchronize the files to Microsoft SharePoint Workspace manually.

    For example, I synchronized my "Shared Documents" of my SharePoint Online to my Microsoft SharePoint Workspace, then I signned off Workspace. I added some new files to "Shared Documents", after a few day, when I logged in my Workspace, after a while, I found the new files I added can not be synchronized to Workspace automatically.

    I open my team site which I synchronized to the Workspace, click "Shared Documents", then under "Sync" label of the top screen, click "Sycn Status", I find the screenshot below:

    That is to say, you need the "Credentials" after Workspace offline for a long time.

    So, I click "Sync" button at the screen below, a screen pop up to let me input my credentials, after I input my Microsoft Online Services ID and Password, the new files added later can synchronize to my Workspace with no issue now.

    I hope this can help you .


    Kylin Yang.

  • Hi Fryrpc,

    How are things going?


    Kylin Yang.