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uploading photos - red x

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I'm trying to load new photos into my website (new pics - just taken, not copied from old website...) everything has been working fine until today - when i try to insert the picture, I get a blank box with a red x. How can I fix this?


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  • Hi.  Thanks for your suggestions.  The specific photos I am having trouble with are the 4 photos of the Nolita Cross-Body Bags (Blue - front and back, and Red - front and back) on the Tusk Leather page.  I was able to place the small images that appear there by Copying the uploaded photos from my Image Gallery, pasting them onto the website page, and using a corner "grab point" to expand them.  It's clunky, and I don't get the clarity I get with Image Loader when it is working properly.  (Note: The page is showing small red x's next to three of the images.)

  • I see that. Your image urls are odd and don't reference a valid image. Can you delete  them and try again?

    <img src="/siteimages/tusk%20nolita%205%20o" alt="" /></font></strong><br /><strong><font size="4">Tusk Nolita 5 O'Clock Cross Body Bag in Blue and Black</font></strong></div><div align="center"> <strong><font size="4"><br /></font></strong><img src="/siteimages/Tusk%20Nolita%205%20O" alt="" /></div><div align="center"><img src="/siteimages/_t/tusk%20nolita%205%20o%27clock%20cross%20body%20bag%20in%20blue%20and%20black,%20$348%20%28back%29_jpg.jpg" style="visibility: visible; height: 157px; width: 208px;" alt="/siteimages/tusk nolita 5 o'clock cross body bag in blue and black, $348 (back).jpg" /> 


    Sweep over where the images were with right click down to remove any code residue. If it still doesn't work you can use Sharepoint Designer to open the page and delete the code from there quite easily..

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  • Fran,

    The files(images) that you are inserting are not named right. They need to end in .jpg.  As mch mentioned, you need to re-insert those images on your webpage - but make sure that they are named right. You may have to upload those 4 images from your computer to your webpage again.

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  • Hi.  I deleted the apostrophe for the word "O'Clock" in the titles of my pictures and did manage to post them to the website.  So thanks to everybody who took a stab at helping me with this.

    Bob (Fran's Husband)

  • Hello Bob,

    Thanks to everyone who helped with this issue.

    Looks like your images are showing correctly on your website at this time.

    Did you have any further questions?

    I will continue to monitor this thread if you have any additional questions.