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Can't open a word document in Word 2008 on a mac directly from 0ffice 365

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I have a client with office 2008.  Clicking an excel doc in a 365 sharepoint library opens excel app no problem, with word docs she gets an error.


"'Edit Document' requires a Windows SharePoint Services-compatible application"


She has:

Mac 2008 12.3.3
OSX Lion 10.7.4
Firefox 12.0
Macbook pro early 2008


Also, is there any way to upload multiple docs on firefox / safari? I know you can't edit in datasheet, but upload?


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  • Hi Marcus_Dervin,

    This is Jonis from Microsoft SharePoint Online Support.

    It sounds you are attempting to open a Microsoft Word document, stored in a SharePoint Online for Office 365 library, with the Web App feature Edit in browser.  In order for Web Apps to open Microsoft Office files for editing, they must first be saved in a compatible file format like: xlsx, docx, or pptx.  With the Web App option View in browser you can view a (.doc) File stored in a SharePoint Online library.

    In order to “upload multiple docs” I recommend the SharePoint Online Library Tools ribbon button Open with Explorer.  Open with Explorer requires ActiveX controls producing limitations for browsers which do not support ActiveX.  Currently only 32-bit versions of Internet Explorer support this functionality.  To review browser support for SharePoint Online, click here.

    If that does not answer your question please let me know as I will continue to monitor this thread for a few days and will reply to any additional posts or questions.

  • She doesn't want to open it in SharePoint online, it's opening there by default. Selecting 'edit in microsoft word' produces the error above.

    Also she does not get open with explorer as she is on a mac.

    Sorry for using a second account, couldn't log in with mine for some reason.