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Cannot Download Office Pro Plus 2010

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I signed up for the E3 plan so I could download the 2010 Office Pro Plus local installation.  I tried everything including clearing the browser cache, disabling the Security Essentials, turning off the firewall, setting the web site as a trusted site.  I tried searching for a different place to download the program called MicrosoftOffice.exe with no success.  Is there another place to download the file and authenticate it through Office 365?

Just a little more information, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, tried the download with IE8 and IE9, currently on IE9.

Currently not very enthused with Office 365 E3 because of this.

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  • Thanks for the information and the download worked fine.

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  • I am currently experiencing the same problem. I have tested this on two different computers and on different connections. My current issue is that the download will start but either locks up at a certain percentage or says that the website is untrusted after a period of downloading. Is there any work-around or update on this problem?

  • Apparently this is a problem at Microsoft.  If you go to the ADMIN page and click on SERVICE HEALTH you will find that the downloading of the softwaare is having issues and it is currently under investigation.
  • is there an ETA for its fix?

  • ok, tnx Imhotep

    I was experiencing the same problem here > very slow download

  • Hi,

    Currently, our operation team are investigating the issue. And we got some progress on it. I suggest you monitoring our forum and service health. We will update on them once the issue is fixed.

    Best Regards,
    Alex Du

  • Hi All,

    The SIE issue was fixed. Would you please retry to download the installation package? If the issue persist on your side, then please let me know. (It may be caused by other factors.) we will help you troubleshoot and fix it. Thanks.

    Best Regards,
    Alex Du


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  • Hey Alex!

    The problem is indeed solved for me, tnx for letting us know!

  • Thanks for the information and the download worked fine.

  • MS Team,

    I am currently experiencing a similar issue.

    Here is my setup:

    - HP Pro 3500 running 64-bit Win7 Pro SP1 with all updates downloaded and installed

    - Core i3-3240 with 4GB RAM

    I am currently in the trial for the E3 plan and attempting to download the 32-bit EN version of Office Pro Plus 2010.  The file size is 651MB and it downloads successfully and completely, but during the installation, the process fails and throws a very generic "The installation of this package has failed." message.  I have contacted phone support, but they have not been able to identify a solution.  Can you provide any guidance?