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Domain Verification problem (secondary domain)

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A few weeks ago, I transitioned my primary domain from Melbourne IT to Microsoft 365 without any problems.


The last few days I have been attempting to redirect a second domain which I own from Melbourne IT to Microsoft 365. Have followed all the required steps, yet I can never successfully verify this secondary domain on 365;  The TXT record was confirmed as published days ago.


I sent a support email to Melbourne IT but they have not replied;  the "Troubleshot" feature on 365 provides no information;


What needs to be done to complete the verification process?



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  • Without a domain name to check or look at, I can only guess and I am not good at guessing.

    See -->

  • Hi Silk Tree Gardens,

    I understand that you met some problem when you try to verify your second domain, and  during domain verify process you follow the steps required.
    To narrow down you issue, please follow below steps:
    1.Can you send your domain name to me via private message? So I can help you to check it and I will send you a request. You can go to your details section on the right side of the community site, click Private messages, click the subject title of the response to read the message.
    2.And can you upload a screenshot of error message when you try to verify the domain.
    Screenshot: Save your screenshot on your computer, Use rich formatting when you post, Click the insert image button on your right side .
    Robert Li

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  • Hi Silk Tree Gardens,

    I have checked your domain “silk**egars*****” via NSLookUp, but we get no DNS record.

    Before you start your domain verify process, please make sure that your DNS record at your domain register is correct.
    This link can help you how to use NslookUp tool:

    Robert Li

  • Hi Silk Tree Gardens,
    I want to check if your issue has been resolved.
    If you need further assistance, please feel free to reply to me.

    Robert Li