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550 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (state 14).

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I have an email set up through gmail and one through office 365. When sending from g mail to office 365 I receive the following message, "550 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (state 14)." My email has been working fine until today. I have looked through various forums and can't find a solution. Can someone solve my problem or point me in the right direction. Cheers
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  • Could you please let us know when you hear back from engineering, and confirm what the cause of the issue was? I do a lot of business on the weekends and missed out on many opportunities because of the outage.

  • Been on and off all weekend.  As of 8:58 EST, gmail users still cannot send mail to Office.  Please Fix ASAP.  Just tested and sill down.

  • I am having this same issue.  I am getting reports of this error message when people try and send me eamil from gmail.  As far as I know, it is only gmail.

  • Hello Nathan,

    Is this issue still occuring for you?

  • I logged into my windows live account and noticed that I had 2 messages in hotmail. The two messages had been sent to my office 365 account.  I use my office 365 email address for my windows live account, but how did this happen?

  • I've been trying to send an email to a client today from a gmail account and I get the following message:

    Final-Recipient: rfc822;

    Action: failed

    Status: 5.5.0

    Diagnostic-Code: smtp;550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (-949396564:3735:-2147467259)

    I've also tried from a standard hotmail account but get the same error message..... any ideas?

  • Although the issue has been resolved for more than a week, I would like to take a minute to apologize for any inconvenience that was caused by this incident.

    What happened was one DNS server started responding with bad MX results.  It was quickly removed from the rotation, but unfortunately, DNS queries can be cached by mail servers.

    Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience and have taken efforts to try to make sure that it does not happen again.

    Kind Regards,


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  • The Problem still exists in our comapny mail

  • Ronnie, there is no outage I am aware of at this time that would cause this.  Please give us more information about where you're sending from and to so we can offer some guidance.  If you're not comfortable posting the details, please feel free to send me a private message.

    Most likely the issue is caused by a bad DNS entry.  Make sure that your MX record is correct using NSLOOKUP.  You can use this guide to assist you: