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I copied text from my OLSB site to Office 365.  I even stored text in Word 2010 and made sure the fonts/sizes matched the ones I use on my public web-site.  The paragraph editing tools seem to be unstable in application.  In edit mode I have text showing as intended (left alligned, and bulleted lists).  When I make changes I save, and then I view the web page and the text has realligned by indenting additional spacing.  If I return to edit mode I can corrected the layout, it looks fine in edit mode, I save, and when I view it again unwanted changes continue to happen. 

How can the layout be controlled.  I never had these problems in OLSB.



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  • Jan Newsome,

    I copied text from my OLSB ... even stored text in Word 2010

    Yes that IS the problem.  See / click this: Don't Paste Directly into Your O365 webpage

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  • Thank you so much.  I copied and pasted based on online advise for migrating from OLSB to 365.  Too bad for users that such bad advice is out there.  I will now recreate all of my pages (30!).

  • Hello Jan,

    This is Cody from Microsoft SharePoint Online Support. Thank you for your post.

    I apologize for the confusion and inconvenience that this issue has caused. As Mr. Symicek stated, the copied text brought automatic formatting with it that was hidden. Copying the text into a non-formatted text program like Wordpad or Notepad will resolve the issue.

    I am glad to hear that following this advice has resolved the issue. Have a great weekend!

    Best Regards,

    Cody Spears

    Microsoft SharePoint Online Support