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My Don't work now

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I do still need help. My
web host said the problem with my email was on your end. When I talked to a
support tech on the phone he said I needed to either see if you can fix on your
end or see if I could just point my web only and just keep my mail with them and
Manage there. My web site is pointed to 365 and
is working fine. My email does not. I really would like to resolve ASAP, I have
alot of contacts internationally as well. I have done all I know. My site no
longer points to officelive and is working great and I have transferred all my
contacts. I really need this email. Thank you for your help.

Triumphant In Christ

Pastor Daniel & Mary Wilson
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  • Hi Dan,

    If you want host your e-mail on office365 as well, then please describe the e-mail issue in more details. for example: Did you get any error message or NDR?

    If you want host website on office365 only. Please follow the action plan below to do so. (To P plan and E plan the action plans were different.)

    P plan (small business)

    1. Verify your domain first.

    verify your domain

    2. Change domain address. (under admin tab > domains)

    3. Find the CNAME of your website under domain manager (under admin tab > domains)

    4. Add the CNAME to DNS server.

    E Plan

    1. Verify your domain first.

    Add your domain to Office 365 without redirecting your name server records to Office 365

    2. Navigate to admin tab > domains > DNS manager > select the domain > select SharePoint online

    3. Follow the article below

    Use a custom domain name for your SharePoint Online public website address

    Best regards,
    Alex Du

  • Hi Dan,

    How are things going on your side? If you need further assistance, please let me know. Thanks.

    Alex Du