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Add domain names to Office 365

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I have have three websites, and have completed the transition up to stage 7.


My MelbourneIT accounts indicate my domain names are Published, see details from their site below


My 365 websites indicates the transfered domain names but I need to veryfy them.

I have tried to verify my domain with message DNS record could not be found


I have tried to create a TXT record at MelbourneIT but it will not accept the input information set out in your Admin Guide, Verify Domain. 


Please let me know the way to proceed, I need to sort verification prior to transfer of my emails before the 30th April deadline.   


Info from MelbourneIT site .



TTL (sec)






Verified Answer
  • Hi aeolian6588,

    I understand you have an issue verifying your domain. Is your domain

    I have checked your domain and found there is a TXT record. Can you try to verify again? Please following capture showed.

    For the detailed steps of how to add a record to Melbourne IT, you can refer to this video after 8:40.

    Ray Yang

  • Hi Ken,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Hi Bradford,

    Can you follow the suggestion above?

    If you issue still persists, I suggest you to post a new thread with your detailed steps which have done. This is so your question will be answered quickly.

    Hi aeolian6588

    I understand you have added the TXT record. However your domain still couldn’t be verified.

    You can refer to this video after 10:00 on adding a record.