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Website backup and traffic statistics

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How do I back up my web pages?  Where can I get web traffic statistics?
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  • Hi,


    This is Tim with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support.


    You can use SharePoint Designer to copy your web pages to your local computer. You website is also backed up daily, and the back ups are kept for 14 days if you do need a restoration.

    You can append the URL of your website with /_layouts/usage.aspx (http://<domain> or http://www.<domain>.com/_layouts/usage.aspx) to see the out of the box web analytics reports.

    I will continue to monitor this thread if you have any additional questions.


    Tim Muth

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • Thanks for the web statistics.  However, I did not see how SharePoint designer can be used to save the site data.  Are you talking about copy & pasting data to files on you system?  This could be a nightmere to manage.

  • Hi,


    When you SharePoint Designer, click on "All Files" on the left and then "Site Pages" in the middle. You will now see a list of all the pages on your site. You can click and highlight a page, then click on the "Export" button at the top. This will export the page to your local machine.



    Tim Muth

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • I click on "edit website" and it comes up with the web pages of the public facing website, I click on pages and get "new page" "edit" "delete" "properties" "view" "save as template" & :invite designers"  I do not see export.

  • You have to download Sharepoint Designer which is a program separate from O365 useful for editing Sharepoint sites. You're looking at O365. You can save pages as templates there but they can only be used in 365. You should also be able to save a whole site as a solution in the event you ever need to restore it. Go to the public site's settings and click "save site as template". 

  • I installed sharepoint 2010 and it looks like while I can save team data, when I select the public-facing website it takes me to the online sharepoint editor.  I can find " my settings" but not the public site settings nor do I see anything under site actions.

  • I gave you the url but you can also get there from teamsite>>siteactions>>site settings>>gototoplevelsitesettings. >>siteactions>>save site as a template.
  • I log in

    Select Team Site

    Select combo box and click on Site Settings

    Under Site Actions I select Save Site as template

    This all seems to do with the team site not the public facing web site which I have already created.  SharePoint 2010 does not seem to deal with the public facing website either.

  • You missed a step:

    teamsite>>siteactions>>site settings>>gototoplevelsitesettings. >>siteactions>>save site as a template. 

  • My site is about public facing website is about 40 pages plus pictures &files.  I got a Max File size 52428800 (X'03200000') bytes exceeded error message.

  • There are limits on files sizes - perhaps a MSFT rep can comment on that error. If it can't be done that way you can always use Sharepoint Designer. Go to All files and EXPORT the pages in the Pages folder. You probably already have the docs/images but you can export those too. Other files that comprise your site  (css/javascript) would already be there if your restore a page.
  • I can only open the team website in SharePoint.  I am waiting for the 72 hours to elapse to the I can complete the domain name transfer.  It has been verified but your name server still has the interium site IP address in the A record.  I guess that you have me change the nameserver pointers and the send traffic back to the old site until the changes have fully propgated.  Becasue OfficeLive was shutting down I set up a redirect page on another website.  I am also using that site to stort the PDF files for my office 365 websites so that they can be opened directly in a new window on the browser.  When you fix the bug I will move them to the 365 sites.  

    Once that domain process completes I will try to open the site in Sharpoint using my domain name which then should directly point to my public facing web site.  I have another smaller 365 website and I will try it there.

  • I have found a way to backup my pages.  I open the site with SharePoint go to All Files then open the /Pages directory.  By right clicking on each webpage I can open each file in notepad and save it on my system.  If I run unto real trouble, I can see the page contents in FrontPage by copying the data in HTML view and switching to normal view.  I should be able to cut an past it back to the website.  I will try that tommorrow.  I will create some extra test pages to work with since the site is live.

    Sharepoint chokes on the page and will not edit it.  

  • You don't have to do them one at a time. You can select all the pages and click the export button.Also your site can be opened in SPD with the domain if your domain changes haven't completed.

    " I guess that you have me change the nameserver pointers and the send traffic back to the old site until the changes have fully propgated. "

    I don't have you do anything - I'm just a fellow user not MSFT. 


  • Thanks for the help. Export does work and gives me that same files as saving under notepad.  However when I select either more than one file or the directory the export button greys out.  Foutunatly this site is only 40 pares and my other site is much smaller.  My other former OfficeLive sites are running on standard servers so I don't have the same problems.