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uninstall trial version office 265

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I installed Office365 (trial), It wasn't for me, I bought the stand alone version.

But everytime I turn on my computer, a pop up apears to log in to Office 365. How doe I get rid of this? How do I uninstall the trial version, without compromising the stand allone version (on one PC) or the Office starter edirion (on another)?



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  • Hi Coen,

    Before moving on, could you please clarify the current situation in detail?

    1. When you mentioned that you bought the standalone version, what did you purchase?

    2. For the pop up window for you to log into Office 365, could you please post any screen shot of it for us to have a clear view of it?

    3. Since you would like to uninstall the trial version, do you want to uninstall the Office Professional Plus or you just want to cancel Office 365 service?

    Anna Guo

  • Hi Coen,

    We have not heard from you in a couple of days.

    Please post back at your convenience if we can help further.

    Anna Guo

  • I have a similar problem.  I tried office 365.  It moved my skydrive sync directory and one note would no longer sync. After spending a weekend getting my one syncing reconnected and uninstalling 365 to use my pro 2010 I cannot restore the use of mobile noter to sync to iphone and ipad.  The program is not compatible with 365.  365 still pops up everytime I start my computer.  If I try to do anything with onenote the 365 versions comes up and ruins all my syncing and use of moble noter.  How can I get this 365 out of my computer?  I never want to see any of it again.  I did see something about onenote 365 just taking over anything to do with skydrive and the use of onenote.  Is this true?  Then why can't I get rid of it.  I love one note if I can use mobile noter with it.  One note is one of the things stopping me from moving to apple computers and if this is going to take it away then I will move on for sure.  since installing 365, my iexplorer has become useless.  It was giving me trouble with adobe popups before 365 and there is no solution for that so I wasn't using it much anyway but this was the final straw for iexplorer.

    The important thing is to get 365 out of my computer completely forever.

  • Hi Jcapps0,

    Thanks for your post here.

    To help us concentrate on the issue you encountered, I would suggest you post a new thread about the detailed information of the issue you encountered and the steps you have done to resolve it, this is so we could focus on your questions and provide more specific solutions for you.

    Anna Guo

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