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MS Office license

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Hi all,


when we subscribe to Office 365, do we have the right to download a copy MS Office and install it in the machines of the people suubcribe to this service ?


or do we need to buy MS Office seperately ?




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  • Hi ken2012 -- hope all is well...

    Short answer to your question is yes -- with E3, E4 or as a stand-alone subscription -- Office is available for (subscription) purchase in Office 365.

    And, here's a summary of options for customers looking at various Office purchase options:

    1.  Traditional on-premise licenses are purchased as L (license) only (these are perpetual licenses), L + SA (license plus software assurance) or subscription license (no perpetual license, you're license is active as long as your subscription is active).  There's a wide range in pricing between SMB and Open agreements vs. Select, EA & EAS.  For many of the SMB customers (> 250 employees) that follow these forums -- an Office Pro L only on Open is in the $500 range & Office Std a little under $400.

    2.  For Office 365 -- Office Pro subscriptions are available as part of E3 or E4.  And can be purchased as a standalone subscription for $12/mo (annual term) or $15/mo (month to month).  And with Office Web Apps incorporated into the suite plans & the kiosk plans.

    3.  We're seeing companies look at Office 365 purely in the context of Office refreshes.  Especially in smaller customer segments where Office 365 evaluation cycles go faster & Office license purchases have high unit costs & present the org with large, up front capital costs that are not as easily abosorbed as with larger enterprises that can more easily justify the upfront costs & amortize over 3-5-7 years.

    4.  Related to #3 -- traditional Office licensing is device based -- meaning each user will typically require a separate Office license if installing on multiple devices.  Office 365 on the other hand, is user based & allows for installs on up to 5 devices.  This, along with the scale up / scale down nature of Office 365 subscription licensing presents many organizations with tremendous usage rights flexibility & financial flexibility as they are making purchasing decisions & decisions around procurement methods.

    5.  Lastly - there are known issues around Office 365 versions of Office when published via Citrix / RDS.  If organizations fall under his category, you may find traditional on premise license options are best in the short term.

    Feel free to drop me a line as there are always ifs, ands, buts when considering various license / procurement options.

    David Bleecker

  • Hi Ken,

    If you subscribe to either the E3 or E4 plans, the Office Pro Plus license is included as part of the package.

    It is also available as a standalone subscription. Once you have subscribed, the product will become available to download through your Administration Portal.

    Kind regards,
    Patrick Woolhouse