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Downloading Office 2010, transitioning from OLSB

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Hello, I just signed up for the Office 365/Professional Plus 6 month trial offer for OLSB subscribers. The offer said it included a copy of the Office 2010 desktop software. I've checked the Admin-Resources-Downloads section, however it does not appear there. Where should I go to obtain the download?



Thanks in advance!


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  • Hi NECts,

    I understand there is no download option for Office Professional Plus in Office 365 for Professionals and Small Business subscriptions. Please feel free to contact our Sales and billing support to get help for this.

    Contact Support for a billing or subscription:

    Reken Liu

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  • I have found that what he is saying is true (even though it's not really an answer but a redirect).  You will find from the admin screen you can manage your subscription but you cannot download.  I currently have an open ticket to billing support and hope they don't pass the buck too.


    *edit*  Wouldn't it have been easier just to say "Under Subscriptions, assign a license and then check downloads again with the user information of the license you just assigned?"  The one thing I always shy away from with Microsoft products is the support.  They always pass the buck rather than answering the question.

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  • Hi OMT,

    Please see this link:

    How do I get my free trial?
    1.Sign in to Office Live Small Business using the owner’s account.

    2.A full-page alert describes the trial.

    3.In the middle of the page, under To take advantage of this exclusive 6 month trial, there is a long link.

    4.Click the link to sign up for Office 365.

    Reken Liu

  • no kidding.;....he is saying he has clicked the link, but there are no links for the office 2010 6 month trial....he has his office 365 but no office 2010 this is the message i go from support:

    Hello Christopher Michaud This is John Gutierrez from the Office 365 Technical Support team. Concerning your Service Request (SR) No [number removed by MSFT support Moderator]. I attempted to contact you at [number removed by MSFT support Moderator], and left a voice mail. I would like to inform you that the service plan that you have purchase from Microsoft (Plan P1) Small business, does not include the Subscription to desktop version of Office Professional Plus 2010, in order to get this, you will have to upgrade to an E3 or E4 plan Midsize businesses and enterprises. Please follow the information in the following link, and let me know if this resolves your inquiry. Thank you for contacting Office 365 Technical support team, I will contact you in the next business day. [contact information removed by MSFT support Moderator]

    Its a run around, because the email rec to sign up for office 365 6 month trial says also 6 month trial for office 2010.....what is going on!

  • Hi Realmichaud,

    Thanks for your posting here. I understand the download link of Office Professional Plus for P1 plan is not available by default. To make it available for a user, please assign an Office Professional Plus for this user. After that, logout Office 365 portal, and re-login. The download for Office Professional Plus should be available.

    Reken Liu