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Problems uploading Access 2010 tables

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The database was converted to Access 2010 from Access 2000.    New tables were created to make them web-compatible but the rest of the objects were not so the intention is to have it as a hybrid.     Throughout the process, the tables were checked for web-compatibility and the result always comes back positive.

I am trying to upload the tables as lists in a sharepoint site in Office 365 Small Business but the upload fails with the error message "system resource exceeded".      The size of the database (tables only) is just 170 mb although some of the tables have as may as 165000 rows.     Virtually all of the tables are interrelated so I am not able to upload just one table at a time since the process always tries to upload all related tables.

Is there an idiot-proof way to work around this?    I am NOT an experienced programer.

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  • Hi Tendershoots,

    This is Jonis from Microsoft Online SharePoint Support.

    To resolve this we need to determine what system resource is being exceeded.  When you upload to SharePoint Online for Office 365 there is a 250MB file limit.  If your tables only are 170MB, it is possible that your total upload was more than 250MB.  There is also a 20 minute time out, so it is important to note if the error “system resources exceeded” occurs right away or after about 20 minutes.

    The following link details software boundaries and limits.

    Please reply to this post with your results as there are multiple solutions to this issue.  I will continue to monitor this thread for any additional posts or questions.

  • Hi Jonis,

    Thanks for the quick reply.        The error message appears after at least 20 minutes into the upload.



  • Marcel,

    Part of your problem may also be the 165,000 rows, seems to me there are limits on the number of records in a list.

  • Is there a work around?

  • Because of the interrelationships, I find that I can't upload the tables just 1 at a time to try to stay under the 20-minute limit.  On one attempt, it actually took 162,000 of the 166,000 in one table and 20,000 of another before giving me the error message.     The sharepoint guidelines say 5,000 is the limit but I believe  that is the view threshold rather than the absolute limit.    

    Do you see a problem if I were to upload the table structures only without data then follow up with an append query to bring up the data itself in small batches?           I'm sure others with files much larger than mine are successfully using Sharepoint.      

    Thanks for the help.        Cheers.

  • Hi Tendershoots,

    This is Jonis from Microsoft Online SharePoint Support.

    You bring up a good point concerning thresholds.  I just reviewed the software boundaries and limits article that I posted above and noticed that it does not cover list item thresholds and limits.  In SharePoint Online for Office 365 each Access Web database table is a list and every Access table entry is a list item.  The threshold for items in a list is 5,000.  For stability I would recommend that all of your Access tables have less than 5,000 items, prior to uploading the tables to SharePoint Online.

    Migrating the data in small batched sounds feasible, but I do not have any reference points that prove the process out for you.  Please reply with your results if you attempt to use that method to move the data.  I will continue to monitor this thread for any additional posts or questions.

    Thank you for your replies and for using the Microsoft Online SharePoint Services Forums.