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How do I get my software??

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I just bought 15 licenses for my associates of Office Professional Plus.


How do I get the software to install?  How do I get the license keys to activate that software?  Where do I find this all explained?

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  • You do not get license keys for the Subscription based Office Professional Plus. You need to down the software by logging into with the credentials you setup for the supscription and then on the right side you should see a link for Downloads.  Follow that link to the download location for Office Professional Plus

  • Hi Donald,

    During the installation of Office Professional Plus, the default action will uninstall any previous version of Office. The default installation is recommended. Side-by-side installations of different versions of Office are not recommended. Please refer to the following article to install Office Professional Plus:

    Product activation occurs automatically (users do not need to enter a product key) after a licensed user enters their registered ID. For more information about Office Professional Plus for Office 365 activation, please refer to the link below:

    Josephine Meng

  • Hi Donald, 

    Just checking in to see whether the previous information was helpful. Please let us know if you need further assistance.