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365 on Android Tablets

  • Almost there...


    I am testing web Office with my Android Tablet.

    It is a Herotab MID816 (pretty much the same internals as a Galaxy Tab) with 2.3.1 Gingerbread firmware.
    Using Fennec (Firefox) browser, Dolphin is too weak.
    Everything works but the keyboard.
    Backspace works, letters don't.
    Tried Better Keyboard, stock, and the new free 2.3 Keyboard from the marketplace.
    When this thing works, it is going to be epic.
    Searching for compatible keyboard.
    Are there any others that may work?
    That is all...

    For now. :D

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  • Hello MikWik,

    Thanks for the insight, I'm glad to hear that you can at least partially use your Android tablet.  It isn't yet supported hardware for Office 365, but given the issues you're having it may just be the keyboard functionality offered by the tablet itself.  I'd try more keyboard apps to see if you can find one that is fully compatible, as it should just be a matter of finding something that delivers normal hardware keyboard functions to the OS.

  • Alex,

    I am working with a company ( developing software that will allow 365 to be run on the Android platform.  Even in these early stages of beta, we are pretty close.  Is there someone at MS that I can talk to about this?  I know it is competition for Windows Mobile and 7, but it will open doors for 365 users.



    My email is in my profile (but you knew that)

  • Hello Mike,

    I'll forward your request, and hopefully we should be able to put someone in touch with you directly to discuss this opportunity.

  • Hello Mike,

    I've done some research and I'd like to suggest that you review our Microsoft Partner Network information.  In this case, if you're interested in working with Microsoft to develop Office 365 Android applications, you may be in a great position to join the partner network.  You can read more about it here:

  • Hello Mike, Is there any update on developing software that will allow 365 to be run on the Android platform? Thanks Sjan

  • I am in the same boat.  I use Touchdown to use Exchange, and everything there works fine.  Trying to use the regular apps not so much. I can open all of the apps and they present correctly in both Firefox and Dolphin HD, but that's where the problems begin. It is possible to create documents but you cannot enter anything into the body fields, or in OneNote, notebook section names and folder names OR note body.

    Skyfire is a total NOGO unless you just like looking at psychedelic displays.  Wow, talk about getting it wrong!

    Oh, and I am testing with Honeycomb 3.01 on a 10" tablet. Looking foreward to getting this working, my tab has become my new best friend.

    Ken, PCS Software

  • Seems like Mike who is apparently working with a company ( developing software that will allow 365 to be run on the Android platform, is all wind and no trousers, I got no response with regards progress or even acknowledgement.

  • Sjan,

    I done investigating over the past couple of weeks on this.  Swiftkey, did not have the resources.  It is just as well, as it will be nearly impossible to adapt the Android platform.  Far too much of the Office 365 experience does not and will not work.  :(


  • Hi Mike, I recently sent back my samsung Omnia 7 (WP7) because it did not have a removable MicroSD card, cannot play avi files or run Java apps, all of which I am used to using on my last Windows phone. The good points are that the phone was very well integrated with the Hotmail and Office365

    Now I am trying out a Motorola Atrix (Android), Using firefox I can load the webpage, if I go to Outook, I can type in to an email address to a recipient, I can type text in to the Subject line, unfortunately I can type but no text appears in the body of he email, if I send the mail, it says sending for a long time but the mail does get through.

    With One Note, I can load the page, the menus appear to work, I can create a OneNote document, but I cannot put any text in the document (same issue as the email), I logged in to hotmail and did the same tests, the same things happen. I am sure this is minor because it is just not passing the text through the the body text field/object.

    How about it MS, fix that and I can use the web interface :-)

  • Do (Android) Samsung Note tablets support Office 365?

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  • I have a Samsung Note 10.1 2014 edition (AKA SM-P6000). OneNote app is ok. Office 365 app is no go at present.