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  • Since about two days ago, I can't send e-mails from any of my connected accounts.  I click on New and a pop-up opens.  I can write the e-mail and address but when I click send, nothing happens.

    Anybody know a solution?  It's a pain because I have to send my e-mails directly from livemail or gmail.

    It was working just fine the first few days.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Aaron,

    When you say Outlook, what do you mean? Outlook Web Access? Outlook 2007, 2010?

    Have you tried to reconfigure your outlook via the Office365 desktop set up?

    Thank You,

  • Thanks for your response David.  I am using the Outlook application on Office365.  I don't have it connected to Outlook 2010.  I have been using it straight from the web page.  i.e.  I read your response (sent to my email), clicked on it and signed in to this forum to respond.  All of that works just fine.  Messages from three accounts

    arrive to my inbox.

    If I want to send an e-mail or I want to respond to an e-mail, a new page opens correctly.  When I finish and try to send it (from the same newly opened page) it does nothing.  If I save the page as a draft, and later try to continue working on it and then send it, it does nothing.  The page just stays open.

    This problem is new.  I had send a lot of e-mails in the few days prior to this problem.  Now, I have to open up another email client or send my responses directly from live, gmail, etc.

    I'd really like to figure out what is wrong.  I haven't made any noticeable changes to the configuration.

    Last night I did install Lync and the Office365 desktop.  That's the only change I have made since original setup.  However, as I mentioned, this problems is about three days old.

    BTW I am using Chrome (a no-no according to the start-up page) but everything was working just fine until just a few days ago.  Another observation that I can make is that I was doing everything on an XP computer and now I am using a Windows 7 32-bit OS.

    Thanks for listening and your comments will be really appreciated.


  • El Chele,

    Thank you for the responce. I see you are using the Outlook Web App (OWA).

    The next step I would try is using a different browser to test and make sure it's not Google Chrome causing the problem. Also try from a different computer if you can. Just want to narrow down the issue.


  • I'd suggest, trying it out on IE. I use IE9 with OWA and don't have any problems. Other suggestion is to make sure you have Windows 7 SP1 installed.

  • It doesn't work with IE9 or Chrome.  Does work with Firefox 4.  I will use that!