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Unlicensed/Activation Problems

  • This is a running joke in our office. How many end users will have unlicensed/activation problems today. When you search these forums our company is not the only one suffering problems with Microsoft's system.


    Is there enough documentation on corrective actions? Yes

    Can we fix the issues? Yes


    The real question is when will Microsoft address the unlicensed/activation problem on THEIR END? I have users traveling the globe and on any day their Office license may just decide it's invalid. There goes a significant amount of productivity rectifying an idiotic problem.


    So, I can fix the problem .... can you please tell me how I can prevent it from happening in the future? My guess is the ENTIRE problem sits on the Microsoft side and reinitializing licensing is just a band-aid because Microsoft is incapable or unwilling to correct the problem.



    Anyone want in the office pool tomorrow? You might get a free doughnut or something.

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  • What fix do you use to re-license?

    I'm in the infant stages of deployment and as luck would have it the first executive to be brought on board is unable to activate their office subscription!

  • Hey Paul, is the most detailed information I have seen.

  • Hi AGM,

    I would recommend that you contact support regarding the activation of the Office Pro Plus subscription.

    You can find their contact details by clicking on the following link:

    Regarding the users which are regularly travelling internationally, please see the following link for more information on Office 365 licensing restrictions:

    Kind regards,
    Patrick Woolhouse

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  • I have the same problem. I spent 2 hours at the phone with them and nothing they told me worked. At the end, my only option was to uninstall Office 365. This is ridiculous.