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Professional Plus For Mac?

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Hi There,

Will office professional plus ever be released as a download for mac?



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  • Hi Edward,

    At this time, we have not received any updates about Office for Mac become a part of subscription plan.

    For more information about Office 365 for Mac, you may refer to the following link:

    In this situation, we would be appreciated if you could send us a feedback about your requirement with the following link:

    Evan Zhang

  • Hi Edward,

    I'm writting to follow up my previous reply, and I'd like to know if my above information help you with this issue.


    Evan Zhang

  • Evan,

    Are you certain that Office for Mac does not work?

  • no one ever said it does not work,, it works fine..

    The question was if it was going to be provided as a free download

  • it would be greatly appreciated if you explained how it is possible to download office (from the office 365 admin console) for Mac users.

  • You go into Best Buy or your apple store and purchase it. Then once you have it installed, you connect it to your Office365 account.

    Once again, like my last message. No one ever said "IT DOES NOT WORK" because "IT DOES" WORK.

    They are staying "its not provided"

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  • ya that dosn't answer my question at all. what I asked was "how it is possible to download office (from the office 365 admin console) for Mac users", not "where do I buy Office for Mac" and as you can see with the original question from Edwardsa he was asking if Office for Mac would ever be available for download through the O365 console. I would ask for only helpful information moving forward.

  • If you read the second post from Microsoft, you would see  he said that there is NO download for Office for mac and he has no idea if it will ever be available for FREE for you to download. SO, the only way to get it is buy it yourself and install it.