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365 does not know its own HTML file

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I am pretty sure there is serious bug in 365 for web creation.   If this bug not be fixed, then no one could use web function in 365.

 You can find this bug following my indication:


1.  Go to website  option


2. Click home function, 365 will create a ASPX file for you as main web  screen for you automatically,

3. While you create a main web screen,  365 also allow you insert graphics, hyperlink, slide show,  HTML file,  in ASPX file.  Let us chose to insert a  HTML file by click insert option, then select HTML file


4. Then a window will show up to ask you to add or edit  HTML file,  you have two options, add an image or a Hyperlink.


5. If we chose image, 365 will let you select an image from your own computer and bring it to the ASPX main program and display it in main display.  This part works fine.


6. If we chose hyperlink, then  365 allow you to insert a HTML file from web, a  page on my site, my document or email address; Let us try all of them

7.  First test a web , which means to insert a display to your  main ASPX  display  by  pull an a HTML address  from outside 365 system, You could chose any web existed as long as it alive. This part works fine  and show the web you intend to display.  That means 365 know the HTML format from other source ( outside 365).

8 Then test  page on my site, 365 will bring the page you select  in your computer to the 365 and assign a HTML address to it and display it.  This part also works fine.

9. Now test  email address, 365 also could bring you to the correct email address. No problem for this part too.

10 .  Finally test my document, to test this function, you need to save a HTML file  in document and 365 will assign  HTML address to it in advance. As you  click my document ,  365 will find the HTML file list saved in document automatically, select any one , then 365 will put it in ASPX file and display it when you run ASPX file. To run ASPX file to show your main page, then click the HTML you insert  here, a window will come  to ask you open or save  the file? the web display has been broken.  this means 365 does not know the HTML document you saved in 365 system, but it know the HTML file from outside 365 system.

Finally,  as web, there is only one ASPX file as main program which does not need to save, all other format, like video, graphics or HTML could be inserted in his body,  365 give this function, but does not work if HTML file saved in his own system. 

 Also,  as a web,  the support document mostly would be in HTML format,  the document user saved most would be  also HTML file.   365 allow to insert HTML format in web?  why it only know the HTML format outside 365, does not know HTML file in his own system?

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  • Jian.

    It's not a bug  - it's intended behavior. Permissions in Sharepoint Online are set to restrict many file types from opening in the browser, including pdfs, html/htm files.  Unlike an on premise version, there's no way to control that. MSFT claims it's for security reasons though of course they allow aspx files so that's a bit bogus. Especially since the simple workaround is to rename your html files with an aspx extension.


  • Mch:

    Thanks for the post.

    But I do not think this is the intended design.  Te reasons are followings:

    1. In Home page,  the insert option allow user to insert HTML file,  so that means HTML filel is acceptable by web creation in 365.

    2. Second,  365 accept outside HTML,  why does allow inside HTML,  it does not make sense.

    3. After you chose in document,  365 will automatically bring   the HTML list you saved to you, that means 365 know this is the HTML file

    4. Then the HTML address you saved is assigned by 365 it self,  if 365 do not accept HTML file why assign address to it.

    By all the reason above, I think it is bug and does not make sense.

  • Hello Jian,

    This is Ryan with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support.

    Mch is correct - This is expected behavior, and is by design. HTML files are not able to be opened from the server in Office 365, so when you try to open them, you are prompted to save the file locally.

    As far as the hyperlink issue you are referring to, I think you are misunderstanding what it does. When you create a hyperlink to another HTML page, you aren't uploading that page to your own Office 365 site, you are just linking to a site that exists on another server somewhere. Because it's a completely different server, the HTML file can open in the browser. When you upload an HTML file to your public website, it can't open, due to permissive browser file handling.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Kind regards,

    Ryan Achterberg
    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • If by this:

    " In Home page,  the insert option allow user to insert HTML file,  so that means HTML filel is acceptable by web creation in 365."

    You mean the html module in the site editor, you're confusing adding html code with a file with an .html extension. Obviously html code can be added but .html files won't open in the browser.

    . What exactly are you trying to do?

  • I am trying to use PW Player, which is HTML5, to allow my web site visitors to play videos on my website. Iprefer to use my own designed player with playlists Instead of using YouTube.

  • I'd use a player with broader browser support so visitors can see the videos. Some hosted solutions also allow player customization like