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Migrating from Office Live to Office 365

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I am not  sure if I am in the right forum for this, I am new to your group, so please bare with me and point me in the right direction. 

Folks I am having a serious problem migrating from Office live to Office 365.  I signed up to begin using 365 so I had to change my service provider, then change my name servers which is registered with Melbourne IT.  The problem is, Melbourne is having problems with the DNS functionality.  I hope this makes sense.  When I try to cancel my DNS it fails because Melbourne system has a problem.  See their problem posted below


"There is currently a DNS communication issue preventing some updates to our DNS
platform being made, this is currently being investigated and further updates
will be provided here. Please note this issue is intermittant and may not affect
all customers"


Bottom line is, my website has been down for 4 days now with no sign of life from Melbourne.  Is there a fix for this?  I have no idea when Melbourne might resurface as a functional entity.


Any help is appreciated



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  • Hi Pipetech & Mch,

    Thanks for your reply.
    The purpose of add domain guide is to help all new Office 365 users to add a domain simpler. However, it spent more time for those OLSB transition users. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the adding domain guide.
    Based on the current situation, it is highly appreciated submit feedback about your suggestion about the adding domain guide to us. This is so we expect it can be improved for better.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    Grace Shi

  • Hi geocoy,

    How is everything going? Was the domain verified now?

    Grace Shi

  • I talked to a Melbourne representative and he reeset my dns so I could redeligate the nameservers.  I completed that step and logged back into Office 365 and followed the steps and it looks like everything is completed and functioning now.  I have a few issues I would like help with.

    The instruction for completing the migration told me to cancel dns to get the "change name server" option.  This worked but the Melbourne representative advised me against Canceling DNS. So now I have DNS canceled and I don't know if I should activate it or not.  The attachmentt shows the current status.  I sent an email to Melbourne IT requesting information (to activate or not) and so far I have no response.

    The other things I am concerned about are;

    1) I have a license for one person in my business to use Office 365.  I tried to set up other users and it looks like I have to pay for a license for anyone that uses Office 365 inside my organization.  I was not aware of this.  I just want users to be able to access the information at the website for discussion and communication.  How do I allow access to users / customers they may want to view information at my sharepoint website.

    2) I also wanted to use Office Professional Plus but I see it also requires an additional monthly subscription fee also. Before I sign up for something like Professional plus I would like to have additional information to know what I am getting for this additonal fee.  Can you advise me?

  • Hi geocoy

    Theres no need tto reactivate the dns as you domain should now be verified at 365.

    To check you domain name servers are changed go to

    put in you domain name

    change mxt to all files

    & press go.


  • Hi geocoy,

    Thanks for you update and the screenshot to help us understand the situation on your side.
    I have checked your domain, and glad to find that the domain has been verified successfully for Office 365.  In this situation, please do not reactive the DNS at Melbourne IT.

    For the two questions:

    1) Yes, only assigned license user will be able to experience Office 365, and one license can only be assigned to one user at one time. If you would like others inside your organization use Office 365, please purchase more licenses and assign to them.
    In addition, SharePoint Online provides a public-facing website for internal user and external user access. SharePoint Online also provides internal Team site for sharing information between internal users, and it needs to assign SharePoint Online license to each accessing user.
    You may also find useful information from the website below:
    SharePoint Online planning guide for Office 365 for professionals and small businesses

    2) Office Professional Plus selected in Microsoft Office 365 service delivers the productivity of Office as a flexible, pay-as-you-go service. It’s a complete, enterprise-class Office experience that ensures you’ll always have the latest versions of all Office desktop applications. And with Office Web Apps, you can access your documents, email, and calendars from virtually any device.
    For more features provided in Microsoft Office Professional Plus, please refer to the document named”Microsoft Office Professional Plus Service Description” from the link below:

    Grace Shi

  • Hi Geocoy,

    Does the reply above answer your question?

    If you need additional assistane, please feel free to post in the forum.

    Grace Shi

  • Hey Grace, thank you for your persistant follow up, it makes me feel much better about things.  I am not sure which activity finally resolved my issue.  I have  a feeling the problem was at Melbourne.  And when they re-set my DNS that somehow allowed things to go thru.  The whole thing was a little fuzzy for me since I tried so many things with no obvious result.  Now that migration seems to be complete, I am just happy it is done.  

    I have two final questions.  I keep getting this screen when I first log in to my computer in the morning and I really don't know what it is trying to log into.   It lloks like it may be Outllook.  Then I get this screee that says and extension failed.



    Also I get another screen that is trying to install the components of Office 365 and it always fails.  It gives me conflicting messages, one that the installation was successful and another saying it failed to install all of the updates.  Do I need to run this application every day.  It gives the same fail messsage everyday.  Let me know what you think.

    Well this time I got a different message.  It says the configuratiion failed

  • Hi Geocoy,

    Thanks for your update. I’m glad to hear the migration has been completed.

    For the first question, would you please take the steps below and see if any improvement?
    1. Close Outlook and find extend.dat.
    2. Rename it to extend.old.
    3. Restart Outlook
    If this does not work, please create a new Outlook profile and add the account again to see if the issue persists.

    For the second question, please manually update and configure desktops for Office 365 with the following link.

    Manually install Office 365 desktop updates

    Reference address:
    Connect Outlook to Office 365 Account

    Grace Shi

  • The problem that everyone is addressing I also had but finally all is working.  There is hope.    Once again I am not sure this is the forum that I need to be in.  If not would someone please redirect me.  There is a greater problem with the migration to Office 365 for a small business that has been up and running for a while on OLSB.  During the 2+ years I have been on OLSB many of my pages have bubbled to page one on many search engines and my small business has been doing well.  I have discovered that the naming convention of the web pages has changed.  i.e. under OLSB one of my pages for example would be .  Now under Office 365 the page is now  This has killed all links to my website that have been built over the years.  I am receiving emails constantly from previous customers wondering if I am still in business because their links to my site no longer work.  To me this is a major issue as it should be to others in my position.  Microsoft did not give any consideration to the existing users of OLSB.  Clients who have been with OLSB for years are being scr#%*@. Pardon the language but I am totally frustrated with this situation.  Can someone from Microsoft explain this or how to get around this issue

    John Phillips



  • Grace I think we are making progress  I completed all the steps as you describes in your comments above even though I had done some of these before.  I downloaded the Office 365 updates and they successfully installed and configured.  I also downloaded the Lync files and they installed and configured successfully.  I was able to log into Lync on my computer (alias Computer1).  I deleted my old Outlook profiles and created a new Echange profile and it successfully connect to Exchange.  When I did this I was able to connect to my Office Professional Accounting software.  I have been using this for about a year now and I was never able to get the two to share their database until now.

    The only sad note is that Outlook still can not find the file Extend.dat.  I did a search after I created the new profile and I can not find it either.  Is it possible Outlook is creatinng this file and naming it something other than Extend.dat?  I have no idea where to look for the file.

  • One of the links you asked me to use

    is asking me to make manual updates to install Office 365 and Lync, all of this jargon is unknown to me, I would not know where to make these changes.  Since my installation seems to be 95% complete do you think I need to address these configurations?

    Let me know what you think

  • HI geocoy,

    Thanks for your reply. For the questions you asked, "The only sad note is that Outlook still can not find the file Extend.dat.  I did a search after I created the new profile and I can not find it either.  Is it possible Outlook is creatinng this file and naming it something other than Extend.dat?  I have no idea where to look for the file." and "Since my installation seems to be 95% complete do you think I need to address these configurations?" ,To keep the thread simple and clear , I would like you can recreate a new thread , Our support enginners are will to help.


  • Neo

    I will definitely create a new thread, I didn't see you note at the end of my comment.  


    But I wanted to let you guys know I just received an interesting email from Melbourne IT where Melbourne sent me links to three help guides that look like they may be old/ out of date.  Some of the information is good but some looks a little conflicting, you guys can evaluate it.  

    Before I show you  what they sent me I have two final questions regarding my DNS activation.  My DNS

    at Melbourne shows like the attached file.  I keep thinking this should be activated but I was told by someone that all my steps are complete.  In my domain page in Office 365 it shows my domain is verified but not active.  This seems to support my thought that I need to activate it at Melbourne.  Can you advise?    


    Next I have the email that Melbourne sent me that I was concerned about


     This is for your reading pleasure.  Since I am essentially done with my migartion I really just need to get an answer about activating the DNS.



  • Hi Geocoy,

    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, the required steps for add a domain to Office 365 has been completed, and your domain name server has pointed to Office 365 now.
    DNS Status in Melbourne IT should be left as Not Activated, because Microsoft will continue hosting the DNS records since you have change name server records to Office 365. Please feel free about the DNS status at Melbourne IT.

    For better understanding the transition from OLSB to Office 365, here is a video for your reference:

    Moving your Office Live domain to Office 365

    Grace Shi

  • Hi Geocoy,

    Just checking to see whether the information was helpful. Please feel free to post back if you need additional assistance at your convenience.

    Grace Shi