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Migrating from Office Live to Office 365

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I am not  sure if I am in the right forum for this, I am new to your group, so please bare with me and point me in the right direction. 

Folks I am having a serious problem migrating from Office live to Office 365.  I signed up to begin using 365 so I had to change my service provider, then change my name servers which is registered with Melbourne IT.  The problem is, Melbourne is having problems with the DNS functionality.  I hope this makes sense.  When I try to cancel my DNS it fails because Melbourne system has a problem.  See their problem posted below


"There is currently a DNS communication issue preventing some updates to our DNS
platform being made, this is currently being investigated and further updates
will be provided here. Please note this issue is intermittant and may not affect
all customers"


Bottom line is, my website has been down for 4 days now with no sign of life from Melbourne.  Is there a fix for this?  I have no idea when Melbourne might resurface as a functional entity.


Any help is appreciated



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  • This is the error message I am getting at the top of the screen when I click cancel DNS service

    This is what I see after a few minutes



  • Hi geocoy

    Click canel Dns.

    to activate


  • Andre, I  did click Cancel DNS and the screen shots above are what you see after I click cancel DNS.

  • When this menu show click canel dns


  • Also if error still there, try logging out of melbourne account, then log back in 7 try again


  • I click DNS and this is the message I get

  • Hi Geocoy,

    I understand the inconvenience caused by this issue. However, according to the screenshot, the issue is happened on the Melbourne IT side, so it recommends contact Melbourne IT to help you change name server to point to Office 365 on their sides.
    When there is any update about this issue, please let us know.

    Grace Shi

  • 02/09/2012  Okay I manged to change my name servers to and at Melbourne.  I am still at the step 2 of the Migation where it asks me for the IP address or the Fully qualified domain name.  Melbourne IT says that they do not have that information.  Melbourne IT is telling me they do not host my website, they say I should ask Microsoft for the IP address or fully qualified domain name.

    So this is where I am at in the migration and I need an IP address or a fully qualified domain name to continue.

  • Hi geocoy


    Have you had the domain name verified before you changed the name servers.



  • I am at step 2 in the Office 365 transfer custom domain.   I have removed from OLSB, transferred to Melbourne IT.   When I ask them for the IP address, as Microsoft requires to continue in step 2, Melbourne also tells me they have not the IP address.   They say that Microsoft has that information!

    Help, somebody at the registrar is not helping us transfer to Office 365.

    Thank you

  • also, I first verified the domain in step 1 from Office 365 Admin page as required.  In my case, I have NOT tried to change the name servers yet, Melbourne IT will not let me get to the cancel DNS page at this time.    Question, Office 365 requires the IP address first in order to properly transfer my OLSB custom domain.    So please, somebody at Microsoft find out for us how to get this vital IP address information to not lose our web site or emails!

  • I've suggested before the instructions should be changed.

    Think of it this way:

    Your domain is hosted at MIT your site at 365

    You verify ownership by entering the txt record at MIT because only an owner can do that.

    You then enter the 365 nameservers at MIT so the domain hosting is moved to 365.

    From there, requests for your email address are routed automatically to 365, and you can configure where http requests for your web site are routed. 

    It's simpler than it seems and at no point is an ip address necessary in the process.

  • Yes, this worked perfectly.   However, I had to CANCEL step 2, go back to the Admin page, and start over on the setup page for my custom domain as outlined by another support moderator elsewhere.  Then I needed to answer "no" on already have a domain and "no" on already have emails before the steps would continue further.

    Thanks for your solution, but the Office 365 Admin setup pages could well be better written to avoid this needless question about the IP address for those of us migrating from OLSB.

  • I keep saying that but no one at MSFT seems to be listening! I can't even think of a scenario where an ip address would be necessary, but I suppose there must be one somewhere.
  • Hi Pipetech & good morning to you, You may be in bed now (09.30)

    I know this is a little confusing as the person at mircrosoft must have had
    a slight hangover when they wrote them. Mch is right no one is listening.



    Let me see if I can make them a little easier for you & others following
    this thread.

    Go to verify domain


    use melbourne IT



    this will show the TXT record that you need to create at Melbourne IT

    If you continue and verify before you have
    created the TXT record at melbourne IT microsoft give you a new number.

    So at this stage note the number & go to
    melbourne IT & sign in.

    As you now know how to change the TXT record

    In the box Alias or Host name what is required is
    you domain name followed by a full stop( you an put a @ in the box instead
    & when you log out the system puts your domain name in the box for you

    In the Destination or Points to address box put
    the MS=ms******* number that you noted that you got at verify domain name.
    (This is sometimes the IP address that has been asked for)

    The TTL box can be left as it is or you can change
    this to 300 (which seems to speed things up a bit)

    When you click to enter the status should go to

    When it has changed to published log out of

    It should then be 15mins for changes to take
    affect and can be checked externally by going to

    If you new txt record is showing in this search. Go back and log into 365
    and verify your domain name.

    Have fun & let me know how you get on