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Facebook like button on website

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I just can't figure out how to get the Facebook like button on my public website. Does anyone know how to do this with either Microsoft Sharepoint Designer or some other procedure.  

Thank you! 

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  • anyi one here from the press .. anyone know anyone from the press  MICROSOFT messed up .. they wont allow anyones PUBLIC WEBSITE to be shared .. they cater for office games and I am supppose to pay for these games .. of i did see someone say about share button on team sites why would would u want to to that thats internal games .. but the public facing website should indeed be sharable .. i cannot believe it i just canot . small business was more forward and professional than microsoft 365 .. oh gawd its really unbelievable NO ONE IS TO SHARE A PUBLIC FACING WEBSITE thru a share (like)button what ever button you want to call it .. event new button name MICROSOFT SHARE FACILITy .. if youtube can do it then you should be able to do t. My sites been trashed now thank you so much PRESSSSSSSSSSSSS PRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • If you add a Content Editor Web Part or HTML Form Web Part you can achieve this very basic addition to your site, with the Content Editor you just need to link to a text file with the code in it and with the HTML Form Web Part it should insert quite nicely without the sanitization of the code.

    Lady Trojan, whilst I appreciate your frustrations with the "backwards" step MS have made, there is something about elequantly describing your issue in an objective manner and I think you may have approached the problem all wrong here.

    I hope this helps and hope you can calm down as it really is JUST a website.

    Best of luck

    Matthew Hughes

  • Lady Trojan

    Have a look at and notice the Facebook (FB) like button at the bottom left. Quite simple to add to your page.

    Use the iFrame code that FB generates for you, then add it to your public website using the HTML gadget. No code modification required. You can place it anywhere you want on your page, not only the footer.

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