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Office 365 - Pro Plus on Terminal / Citrix Server

  • Any news on if or when the license will be useable in a Citrix or Terminal Server environment?

  • Hi PeteM,


    Did you means you want to use Office Professional plus in a virtualized platforms? Based on our test, Office Professional Plus could be ran on the virtualized platforms which meets the Supported operating systems.


    For more information, please refer to Software requirements for Office 365.


    If you have other questions, please feel free to post on the forum.




    Evan Zhang

  • Hi Evan,

    No - I meant being able to install the Office 365 - Office 2010 Professional Plus license on a Terminal Server or Citrix server?

    I read another post a few months ago that said the license wasn't OK for this sort of use.

  • Hi PeteM,

    Thanks for your information.

    Recently Office Professional Plus for Office 365 cannot use Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) or Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services as deployment options.

    For more information, please refer to Monica's answer in the similar issue

    If you need other help, please feel free to post on the forum.


    Evan Zhang

  • Hi PeteM,

    How are things going on? Does the reply above answer your quesion?


    Evan Zhang

  • HI,  This is a real show stopper for several small businesses I work with that make use of office on terminal server (TS) who are looking at ways to upgrade from office 2003 and 2007 and would suit the office 365 subscription model.   Are there any plans to make the license usable under TS?

  • Hi Stevie 22,

    Thanks for your information.

    Currently, We didn't recevie any updates about Office Professional Plus on terminal server. If you have any other questions, for us to follow up and find the thread easily, I'd like you can post a new thread.


    Evan Zhang

  • Hi Evan

    I have similar question to the above but I'm looking at purchasing a 'normal' office 2010 package on open license to install on a TS  so I dont expect any issues there however I am looking at using Exchange online part of Office365  instead of an on-premise Exchange.

    the question I have is would this be a viable method of using Exchange online, my worry with Exchange being in the cloud is whether I should be looking at setting users up in Cached mode or online mode.

    Cached mode may generate significant disk I/O load  by having multiple OSTs on the server

    with online mode it may be too slow to actually use Outlook because of the need to download each email to be opened etc.

    I know it would depend on a number of factors like how many users on the TS etc but can you please provide some guidelines as to what may work best in this scenario? we are talking about small businesses betweeen 5-20 staff.


  • Hi Ahmed,

    Thanks for your posting. I understand your concern is whether turn the Exchange Online mode on or off with Outlook client in a terminal environment.

    In terms of this situation, I have researched and find the following description with our help article:
    If you are unable to turn on Cached Exchange Mode, one or more of the following might apply:
    You have installed Microsoft Terminal Services Cached Exchange Mode uses an Offline Folders file (.ost). This file cannot be used if you have installed Microsoft Terminal Services for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003. However, installing the Terminal Services Client or the Remote Desktop Connection client does not prevent access to this feature.

    In this situation, the cached Exchange mode may not be supported with Terminal environment.

    Turn on or off Cached Exchange Mode

    If you need any further assistance, for us to better follow up your questions, I suggest posting a new thread in the forum with detailed problem description.

    Best Regards,
    Evan Zhang

  • Same here.  For Microsoft not to offer an Office Pro Plus subscription for Office 365 that supports Terminal and Remote Desktop Services is absolutely absurd to me.  Where have they been the last few years?  This is a deal-breaker for our customers.
  • Hi K-tech,

    "Unlike managed volume-licensed environments, Office Professional Plus for Office 365 cannot use Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) or Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services as deployment options. Because Office Professional Plus for Office 365 is based on the Retail SKU, you cannot install it on a Terminal Server."

    You can get this information from Monica's post at

    In the current situation, we'd appreciate if you can submit your feedback at, your feedback would help us improve our products in the future.

    If you have any further questions, I suggest posting your questions in a new thread so that we can follow up it easily. Thanks,

    Evan Zhang

  • Hello Evan

    We have been screaming about this critical problem from the first use of Office 365 beta.
    The feedback is completely ignored by Microsoft.
    Please see the links below.

    My Office 365 wishlist

    Office 365 and Office 2010 in a RDS/Citrix environment

    Buying Office 365 E3/E4 plan for companies running RDS/Citrix

    Dear Microsoft, your Enterprise Agreement is Not cloud ready

    So advise us to submit feedback, is just a waste of our time.

    Do you have any Office 365 show case for large/mid-seize customers also running a RDS/Citrix environment?
    Where is the buisness case for custormeres running RDS/Citrix?

  • Hi Ravnen,

    I fully understand your concerns about running Office 365 and Office Professional Plus in a RDS/Citrix environment. Thanks for involving this thread.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get any updates with this question. As Monica explained in this thread, there is technically limitation for validating the Office Professional Plus subscription on a terminal environment. We are designing Office 365 to be more compatible, however we haven't receive updates about running Office 365 and Office Professional Plus on terminal server from our products team.

    In current situation, my suggestion is monitor our updates for getting the latest news about Office 365. For Office 365 deployment inquiry, you can contact our Sales and Billing team or post a new question in the forum (so that they can provide you more suggestion).  

    Thanks again for your continued patient, I apologize for any inconvenience this problem caused.


    Evan Zhang

  • Hi Evan,

    How is this situation today?

    We are thinking about a migration towards Office 365.

    The design of renting cloud computing is on table now, IaaS. Where we rent CPU power with an OS on it.

    Is it granted to install one of the 5 Office 365 desktop licenses on a RDS on IaaS?

    Looking forward to some feedback.



  • Hi Philippe,


    You can get some information regarding Virtualization deployments of Office 365 ProPlus from the following link:

    For any further concerns, please post them in a new thread in our forum, and we will work on your thread dedicatedly.

    Evan Zhang