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Adding a Facebook Like Button

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Can you add a facebook like button to your office 365 web site with out using the sharepoint designer 2010? Thanks!
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  • Yes. Use this generator to format the code.
  • Hello DebNaples,

    This is Aaron with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online Support.

    Did mch answer your question?

    Best regards,

  • Hi Aaron,  I haven't yet had a chance to try mch's suggested answer.  I am also in the midst of trouble shooting getting my personal business domain- verified so I can move it from Small Business Office Live to Office 365.  I have another question on that issue going as well.  For some reason I can't get Office 365 to verify my domain so I can move to the next step in that process.  Once I get that solved, I plan on working on the Facebook Like Button.  Getting my business email and web site going needs to get solved first.  Thanks for asking!  Have a great day!  DebNaples

  • Thanks mch,  I haven't yet had a chance to try your suggested answer.  I am also trying to get my personal business domain going. For some reason Office 365 is not able to verify my ownership of  So I have to figure that out first in order to get my business email up and going along with my web site. Once I get the domain issued solved, I plan to work on the Facebook Like Button.  Thank you for replying and having a great day.  DebNaples

  • Hi,


    All the steps that you will need to take are listed in the domains area of the Admin Portal.



    Tim Muth

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • Hi,


    Have you had a chance to look through the domain instructions listed in the Admin Portal?

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.




    Tim Muth

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • Hi Tim,

    I haven't yet.  I will be doing it this afternoon- Sunday Jan 29.'

    Thank you,


  • Hi,


    Have you went through the steps in the Admin Portal and added your domain to your account?

    Please let me know if you are having issues with adding the domain and I will direct you accordingly.




    Tim Muth

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

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  • Hi Tim,

    I did get my domain added.  My email and website are working great.  I haven't had a chance to add the facebook like button to my site. I didn't really understand the instruction from mch for adding the facebook button. So I am going to have to research that a bit more.  



  • Hi Mch- I figured out the process for the generator you suggested and it worked perfectly.  Thank you!  

  • I used the generator, but after following all of the instructions It still didn't work!  I have tried several times.  Any suggestions?

  • Hi Russ48,

    Below are the steps I took to add the Facebook Like Button to my business web page.  I think if you follow this step by step, it should work for you.  I hope this helps!  

    1. I went to this web page in the Facebook help area:

    2. Under “Step 1 – Get Like Button Code”, in the “URL to Like” box, I entered the URL to my business’s Facebook page.

    a. Under the “Send Button (XFBML Only), I had a check mark in the “Send Button”box.

    b. Under “Layout Style”, I had the word “standard”.

    c. Under “Width”, I had “450”.

    d. Under “Show Faces”, I had a check mark in the “Show faces” box.

    e. Under “Verb to display”, I had the word “like”.

    f. Under “Color Scheme”, I had the word “light”.

    g. Under “Font”, I left that box empty.

    3. I then hit the “Get Code” button.  

    4. Another smaller window then opened which was entitled “Your Like Button plugin code:”.

    a. In that window were two separate boxes of code.  

    5. Leaving that web page open with the code generated by Facebook, I then opened a second browser window and went to this URL:

    6. At this page, in the box entitled “1/ Enter your code here:”, I copied and pasted the code from both the boxes from the Facebook web page that was generated by Facebook for my business page on Facebook.

    a. I first copied and pasted all of the code from the first box from the Facebook page.

    b. Then immediately below that group of code, I copied and pasted all of the code from the second box from the Facebook page.

    7. Once I had all the code in the  page in the box entitled “1/ Enter your code here:”  I then hit the “Submit” button immediately below this box #1.

    8. When the Webbrewers page repopulated/refreshed after I had hit "submit", I scrolled down to a box entitled “2/ Copy the code from the box below. [Select all / ctrl+c]” .  There I could see the new code that Webbrewers generated for me.

    9. While leaving the Webbrewers page open, I then opened a third browser window and went to the web page on my Office 365 Team Site where I am able to edit the specific page of my business web site where I wanted to place the Facebook Like button.  At the page, I did the following:

    a. I selected “Insert” from the top menu bar.

    b. I put my cursor in the spot where I wanted the Facebook Like button to appear.

    c. I then selected “More Gadgets.

    d. I then selected “ “PayPal”.

    e. A new smaller window then opened entitled:  “Add a PayPal button to your Web site” with a box for entry under it.

    f. In that smaller Paypal window entry box, I copied and pasted all of the code from the Webbrewers page that was in the box entitled “2/ Copy the code from the box below. [Select all / ctrl+c]”

    g. After all I pasted all the code into that smaller Paypal  window entry box, I selected “OK”  and the box then closed.

    h. –Very Important- I then saved this page I was working on, you know to save what I had just done with adding the code for the Like button.

    10. I then opened a fourth browser window and went to my actual business website that the public sees and  I went to the page where I had just added the code for the like button.  And the like button was there as it should be.  And it worked  as well. :-)

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  • Thank you, this worked.

  • Great!  This same process works for twitter and linkedin buttons too.  Just swap out the code from facebook with the code from twitter and linkedin.  

  • Ok you people here are the only ones helpful on this issue.. I've ranted and raved and addressed the problem ignored etc..,, i want you to go look at my website for me please .. i've only done it with the facebook button so far (in small business i had the coding which covered all social media sites sure hate to have to do this one by one) .. who ever managed to figure this out my hat is off to you what a process to geet what we want. please look at my website as i live alone and although sending works i cant see the counter working properly could some one take a look for me and let me know .. thankyou so much