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Peculiar scrolling problem with Excel Web App

  • I find it impossible to keep "window content in view".

    The at all times current sheet kind of scrolls up automatically - sort of a Matrix effect in reverse (you know numbers falling down the screen). 

    Of course the problem only pertains to larger/longer sheets which extends beyond the window size. 

    Any ideas as to what might be the problem?

  • Hi Leif,
    This is Bob Kasper from Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support.  I am sorry that it has taken so long for me to reply.  To get this straight when you open an excel spread in the browser it has a scrolling issue?  Or does this happen even if the document is opened locally? 
    It almost sounds like your scroll button or an arrow key is stuck.  I will look forward to hearing back from you.
    Thank you,
  • Hi Leif,
    I’m just checking in to see if you have been able to resolve your scrolling issue.  Please let me know f there is anything else that I can assist you with, as I will be monitoring this thread and will reply accordingly over the next few days.
  • No Sir, and there aint no matchstick crumbles or anything else stuck in the scroll btn.

    The problem only pertains to the web app and its all spreadsheets

    thank you

  • I'm having the exact same issue. As soon as I open a spreadsheet and scroll down or up it automatically starts to scroll back to the top (or left if I scrolled right and both if I scroll down and to the right). There are no issues with my computer such as Scroll Lock or the like, so no need to waste time asking if that is it.

  • Hi All,
    Thank you for your replies, as I have been researching this I cannot find any known issues that would cause this with SharePoint.   So for further testing and research I was wondering how large the file is, you can check this by opening the file in excel and clicking the file tab.  And under the info section it will list the file size under the properties section. 
    In the standard service description for the Office Web Apps it states that the maximum file size is: 2 megabytes (MB) for SkyDrive, 10 MB default for SharePoint (admin can configure to up to 2GB) found on page 15.
    Also does this happen on more than on computer?  I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Hi All,
    I’m just checking in to see if you have been able to locate the file size of your workbooks and to see if this happened to be the case here, also have you had a chance to see if this happens on any other computers. 
    Please check this out and let me know as I will be monitoring this thread over the next few days. 
  • Hi Bob

    I've been unable to log on to the community with my original acount the last couple of days, so i've created an alternative acount to be able to answer the question.

    My excel file is 764 kb so well under the limits.

    Uhhh... and I can also get it to scroll diagonally.... funky effect...nut very usefull though....

    I'll  check to see if the problem is there on the other computers.... I'll post back shortly


  • Hi Again Bob,

    Well I found the "problem". I was using Chrome.....silly me I should have known :P

    Running Excel webapp in IE Explorer doesn't display the same behaviour. So I guess I'll just have to use IE Explorer whenever I want to work on my excel files online....

    problem solved, or almost anyway ;)

    have a nice day


  • Hi Leif,
    Thank you for your reply, I am glad to hear that you found the issue.
  • I too am having this issue and would like to know if there is a fix so I can continue to use Google Chrome as I would rather use that as my web browser?

  • I haven't found any work arounds...sorry to say.

  • thanks for the reply, hopefully Microsoft have Bob???

  • Hi All,

    Thank you for your replies.  As I have been researching this issue I found that it may be a limitation with the browsers.  Although they are supported by SharePoint there are limitations to them as documented in the following TechNet article.

    Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with. 


  • Hi All,

    I’m just checking into see if you have anything further that you need assistance with, please let me know as I will only be watching this thread for a few more days.

    Thank you,