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Activation error on Office 2013 using my Office 365 account

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We have 12 users on Office 365 in our organization. We are running into an issue with only two users where Office 2013 is prompting for activation every time they try to use an Office 2013 app.


I have removed Office 2103, downloaded it again from Office 365 to no avail.


If we try to manually activate Office 2013, it returns an error.


All other 10 users are functioning fine. Can someone please advise how to resolve this issue?


Thanks in advance.

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  • Well, What is the error?

    What plan do you have?

    What licenses are assigned to these users?

  • We have Office 365 Midsize business subscription.

    We have Office ProPlus license under licensing.


    Error I get is:







  • Judy

    We are a syndicated partner. We just got word that there is a provisioning issue with Microsoft right now. I think that is what you are seeing.

    Here is the email we just got

    Newly created users with a license containing rights to Office Pro Plus are currently not able to access this software because of a provisioning issue at Microsoft.

    Symptoms : User will login and attempt to access the software page to download pro plus and find that it just says “Setting up Office…”

    There is no ETA on a fix for this from Microsoft yet and as it stands the issue has not been published to the MOP service health yet as an SIE.

    Thank you,

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  • But, You might want to go and try to run the "Fix It" application to see if it fixes your issue.

    I do not know if your issue goes with the same issue that is going on right now at Microsoft, but it could be

  • Thank you David!  That is very helpful.

  • Thanks David. Can you please advise where I can get the 'Fix It' application.

    Thanks once again.

  • Hi Judy,


    @ David, that is a perfect suggestion.


    The failed installation or activation could possibly caused by an improper uninstallation of Office 2013.


    I believe David is pertaining to the Fix it tool, found in this article:



    Click on the "plus" sign beside Resolution to expand it and you should find here the Fix it tool.





    I suggest that you try this and let us know if it works.


    Thank you,

    Paul Banez

  • Hi Judy,

    Are you still having problems with the installation of Office 2013? Let us know if you need further assistance regarding this matter.


    Paul Banez