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Office 2011

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I have a mixed office of pcs and Macs.  I have purchased all of my Office licenses, however over time some of the licenses have become outdated (2003, 2007 and 2010).  All the macs in our office are running 2011.

1.  For those of us that have invested in the latest versions of office, will we be able to link them to the Office 365 without paying the Professional Plus premium?

2.  Since you don't offer an Office 2011 download option, will we be able to link our licensed copies? 

3.  I am assuming that for those users on older versions of office, I can sign them up for Pro Plus and they can then download the latest version?

4.  Is task delegation being implemented in this online version of Exchange?  This is a much missed function since I moved to the cloud.  One of my TOP needs.

The way I read the functionality being offered is that Office 365 will act as a central (transparent) cloud based repository for all users.  Document backups would be a thing of the past. :)

Is my understanding correct?  Thanks for your response.


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  • Hi Roland,


    I have looked into this issue, and here is the answer.

    1, For those who already have a latest version of office:

    Their should download the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant in the following link.

    If they are assigned with a subscription of Office 365, once they login with this assistant, Office Subscription will automatically connect to OSS (Office Subscription Service) to retrieve a 30-day 5x5 product key and activate Office on behalf of the user.


    2, For those who have Office 2001 for MAC:

    If you have a lisence seperately, they could use office 2011 with Office 365. However, users could not obtain a lisence as what you mentioned.

    Details could be found in the following link.


    3, For those who have an old version of office,

    During the installation process, by default, Office Professional Plus will uninstall any previous version of Office. And new version could be installed correctly.


    4, I test the task delegate function and find that Office 365 has provide this function. However you could not manage the task delegation in the outlook online panel while you could have full control when you use this function with outlook client.



    Allan Xu