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  • Every emial I receive in Outlook 2010 and the portal web site (used to be calle OWA) has a subject but the bode is empty. If I'm not running Outlook 2010, the body of the page shows up in OWA. If I then start Outlook 2010, it wipes out the body of the message!



  • Hello David,

    Outlook should only be downloading those messages, it shouldn't be converting them in any way.  I want to make sure I understand your situation correctly.  When you receive an HTML message in your mailbox, if you open up Outlook Web App and look at the email, it appears correctly.  Then, if you open Outlook 2010 and look at the same message the body appears to be blank.  And then once you've done that, if you go back to OWA and look at the message again it is blank in OWA as well, is that right?

    If you look at the source of the email after you open it in Outlook 2010 does it show all of the HTML code, and it's just displaying a blank body, or does the body of the message not actually exist?  And can you try running the Office Diagnostics in Outlook and let it try to repair your Outlook installation?

  • I don't even have to open the email in desktop outlook. When I go back to OWA and look at the source, all that shows up is "1" (the number one) and the rest of the body is blank - this occured on the email message sent by your posting. How do I run office diagnostics, can't find it in outlook

  • Ran "repair" from "Programs and Features", rebooted and no change still wipes body of message on HTML email. There is no way to run "Office Diagnostics" in Outlook 2010 that I can see.

    Is there a way we can escilate this?

  • Hello David,

    If you need to work with a support engineer immediately on this case, please use our Contact Support page to call us directly, or open a new service request from your Portal.

  • What anti-virus software are you using? We've seen that symptom when certain antivirus programs on the desktop are scanning the incoming e-mail into Outlook.  You might try disabling e-mail scanning in your antivirus program (you don't need it anyhow as long as you have the memory-resident antimalware running) and see if the problem goes away.

    Troubleshooting Outlook -

  • So, we found some of our people had a similar issue.  It turned out to be AVG.  It incorporates some email scanning and it causes more problems than it fixes.  After removing AVG, everything returns to normal.  I hope this helps.