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  • hi, i am download 2010 but i cant use ples give infamaction .

  • I am New on office 365 , i hv read all the blogs, but a little bit confused on  how to deploy the Different different application to a particular user,Like i want to deploy a user only outlook and excl ,And for another one only excel. How can i do the same.Please update .I am available on Skype ; kanwar.vijay(India), if i found this product gud then will purchase it for my office!!!

  • Hello, I am not a Tech.  I installed Office 365 in error.  I am just a one man operation.  I need someone to tell me how to delete office 365 and cancel my domain which is

  • Don't pay your bill!

  • If you haven't paid for 365 then the trial will come to an end after thirty days. Just go into Control Panel on your computer and uninstall the programs that were downloaded.

  • I'm working in a small company and we don't have Exchange services. I wonder how can I synchronize Outlook 2010 and Outlook 365. I mean that when I delete some posts in my computer they would be deleted also in Outlook 2010. So far I have a test version but if this synchronizing goes well I'll by it.

    Best regarhs


  • Yes deleting an email, contact or calender in Outlook, on your computer, will delete the same in all other areas (Outlook OMA and on a mobile device), the same is true if you did the same in OMA or on your phone/pda.


    Conversely adding an item on one instance adds it everywhere else.  



  • Thank you Tomg35. Sorry but my native language is not English. What do you mean with "OMA"?  Anyway in 365 and in my Nokia Lumia 800 the deleted mails can still be seen.



  • Sorry Makarios,

    OMA is Outlook Mobile Access which is a means to access your exchange account from a mobile device.

    Please can you elaborate what you mean "deleted mail can still be seen"?

    Is this in Outlook? If so you need to go into the settings to tick the option to empty the deleted items folder when Outlook closes (where this option is depends on your vesion of Outlook - To find it press either the help icon or press F1 when Outlook is open, and type in the search box something like empty deleted folder).



  • Sorry Tom .-)

    So I mean that when I delete mails in my Outlook 2010 in my computer, they are not deleted in Outlook 365. So it means that I should delete then again in the cloud (365).



  • Makarios,


    They should be deleted as Outlook 2010 syncs with 365. However I deleted an email on my smartphone this morning, I have just looked in the deleted folder in Outlook on my laptop and it's still there. I then looked on the 365 site and the email was still there.


    I closed outlook, on my laptop, down and restarted it and the email had gone. It has also gone from 365.


    If the email has definately been deleted out of Outlook on your computer then the only thing I can suggest is closing Outlook down (on your computer) and restart it. Then go into 365 and see if the deleted folder is empty.


    If the email is still in your deleted folder on your computer and is in the same folder on 365 then check the deletion settings I mentioned above.


    However if the emails are gone from Outlook on your computer but still in 365 then the folders are not synching (I presume all other folders are synching Ok?) and may be one of the forum moderators can help.



  • Thank you very much for your help. Anyway when I delete some mails on my laptop (Outlook 2010), they are not deleted in 365. I mean that they still exist in the Inbox. Naturally when I can see my posts in the cloud (365), I can see them also in my mobile phone (Lumia 800). I shutdown my laptop every day and open it every day (my Lumia is always open).

    My work mail is also in the Internet but according to Outlook 2010 there will be only mails for one week.

    All the mails I get go also to 365.  I work in a small company and we don't have any Exchange Services.

    By the way it's trange that replies to this forum goes to Outlook 365 but not to my work mail (although they should be tha same.




  • Makarios,

    I think you have a couple of issues here that are outside my knowledge.

    There is a synch issue between Outlook 2010 and 365 which is preventing the deletion of emails, there is only a weeks email in Outlook and replies not going to your work mail.

    The only thing I can suggest is verify that your domain settings are correctly forwarding your mail to 365 - I'm on the trial at the moment and this is something I am going to have to sort out myself (evidently you cannot set this up whilst you are on the trial).

    If the settings look Ok or you are unsure then create a new post (I'm surprised that we haven't had the intervention of a Moderator yet - May be because you raised your question under someone else's post) and I'm sure it will be sorted out.

    Sorry I cannot be of any more help but this is new territory for me as well.

    Good luck


  • Thank you very much for your patience Tom. In our office there is no domain just a modem (ADSL). My test 365 will be finished tomorrow 30 march. I think I don't by the product anyway yet. I'll try to get some information from the MS directly. I wonder also why here's no moderator.

    Good luck to you too