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  • Makarios

    Ok, do you have a domain that you have set up before you started the 365 trial?  Is this setup in Outlook alongside your 365 exchange account? Which account's emails are you having trouble with - As I said above you cannot, whilst using the trial, move your domain to 365.

  • Good news

    I got help from Microsoft and now my Outlook 2010 syncs with Outlook 365. The solution was that I had to make in 2010 a new account with user name like Now I must use in my 2010 only that account otherwise I get every mail double.

    Still I want to thank again Tom for his kind help.

    Best regards


  • Trying to transition - for the last two weeks! Thanks for the best advertisement to transition ANYWHERE  BUT MICROSOFT!

    My domains won't verify.

    @ and MS=...   won't publish at MIT

    Company web site and email down.


    Is there some way out of this hell?

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  • Tried to add a "Projects Web Database" and when choosing a URL name I reveive the answer "The website address "/Teamsite/sitename" is already in use". I've tried several different names but receive the same answer. What can be wrong?

  • How have you got your Outlook configured?  It would seem that you are not connected to your exchange mailbox, but maybe using POP instead.

  • Thanks Richard

    If your question concerned my problem so it is solved.

    Best regards


  • You can access my blog: there is enough information on deployments of Office 365 and Office 2010 Professional Plus.