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  • My Office live web site I saved to Bing in the library.  Is it pssible to transfer the web site to a 365 web site?

  • Quite the contrary.  It seems like its pain in the *** to get Office Web Apps working within a Browser in E3,  whereas in the cheaper P plan Office Web Apps is ready to go straight out of the box.  E3 always wants to use the locally installed Office app to edit docs.

  • I have e3 and still cant see the web apps, I also created a default website and have access to share point but still cant tell how to get to this. I was hoping that sharepoint will give us the ability similar to the skydrive where you could edit the documents online.

  • I too do not see the Office Web App icons as it was presented in the literature that Microsoft put out prior to the Transition.  The trial is most likely the highest level of service you can get from O365, which means the way it was setup most likely won't be the same setup that the majority of us will have.

    What gives Microsoft?  I'vfe seen the long crazy convoluted workaround to get SharePoint to allow creation of Word, Excel, PowerPoint Presentations.  That isn't what was advertised, marketed or even mentioned to those in pre-transition phases.

    Update (5/17/2012):

    After using Office 365 for several months since this post I have seen some improvements, but I have found that the Office Apps on the particular plan my organization subscribes to (and seen in the plan descriptions) it appears that we can only view the documents in the Web Apps, editing is only available at next plan level.  This is why betas of each plan level in the future should be setup.  Doing so would alleviate the misconceptions that are created when a new product is marketed and released.

    I found that our Web Apps were actually deactivated.  In order to Activate them you have to go into: Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Collection Administration > Features > Office Web Apps (Middle of the list, click Activate)  Now that this is done anytime you click on a document in SharePoint it will open in the appropriate application (in the web; depending on your Plan it may be Read Only)

  • is there any documentation on setting up online applications for E3?  i would think that getting this information would be a little bit easier ...

  • Guess who is downgrading, to just email and webhosting..... Since I switch all i do is pay the monthly fee without been able to use all the features Microsoft promise in E3.

    Whatever, im sure many feel the same way.

  • The E plans are a total waste of money in their current form.  The P plan is the way to go for most small businesses.  The P plan has the easy-to-use and setup webapps, and still offers Exchange online which is what I really want for my clients.  And, the P plan is half the price of the cheapest E plan.

    For now, the P plan and a standard client-side installation of MS Office 2010 is the way to go.  I just wish that as a Microsoft Partner I could have the P plan to trial and experiment with to better educate myself on how it works in the real world.  Instead, Microsoft forces E3 on me which no-one wants.

  • Try this:

    log into with your E3 (or other) id and password.  It worked for me - however I find it inconvenient (irritating) that I have to keep signing in to every Microsoft website ...

  • I can't log in to skydrive with my E3 username and password.

  • hmm ... it worked for me.  However I also had a personal Wndows Live account that I linked to my E3 profile as well.  So maybe that is the reason why I am able to login to Skydrive.  I agree with you that there should be a very simple way of accessing the online apps like or something similar.  Does Microsoft monitor these boards?  I would think that they should be able to answer this question very easily and quickly but do not see any communications.

  • I imported my contacts to outlook web and it shows that 1657 contacts are there but I can't find them.  They don't show up when I click the contact icon or when I try to address new email.

  • i hard to find anything, half the time I get error screens and I am running a trial now, not a beta version

  • I have 22 employees and I am doing the P trial, so far it really has been very frustrating.  Cant get past error screens and useless information.

    At this pace I dont think this will be a go....

  • where can i find office web apps on my O365 account???????

  • I can get them here: - but I am not sure if this is beacuse I had a SkyDrive account prior to my o365 subscription or not.