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  • can you help me with this?

    exchange: A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'DirSyncAuthorityMetadata'.

  • My parners and I started with the free trial version first.  We liked what we saw and decided to go forward with a purchased version.  We also decided to change the company name and domain.  I set up a domain last night through Go Daddy and all was set and confirmed.  I was able to change the email address for my parners to the new domain.  I couldn't change mine nor can I get Lync to connect even though I uninstalled and re-installed it under the new domain.  I also have not been able to find a way to migrate some of the information we had posted in the trial version under the old company name to the purchased version with the new company name and domain.  The biggest frustration I'm getting is how difficult it is just to get someone to either call or IM me.  I know most of these issues could be resolved quickly if someon would walk me through this.  I'm not a IT specialist and just know enough to know there's much I don't know.

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  • I tried but no one there will help.  I'm think I'm going to start looking around for a different office web application for my company since microsoft doesn't seem interested in truely helping its customers

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  • You have to log in as a different user, make sure that user has admin right, then you can change your email .

    To change your domain name, click admin, then click on your company name in the upper left of the left side column, and you can change all the information you want now.

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  • Could you please help me with this


    El usuario no existe o no es único.

    Solucionar problemas de Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

    Identificador de correlación: f4fa44f0-26ee-4d57-babb-5c809b307b01

    Fecha y hora: 19/10/2011 9:06:24

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    user gets this error message when he send an invitation to share a site when the people clicks on the email with the invitation the receive the error message and its saying that the user doenst exist see below:


    The user does not exist or is not unique.

    Troubleshooting Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

    Correlation ID: 26ee-4d57-f4fa44f0-Babb-5c809b307b01

    Date and Time: 10/19/2011 9:06:24

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    Hope you can help me


  • Why???  I have searched through it and there is nothing there and how it pertains to Office 365 integration.  This is exactly my point and rant in my other post...  You guys (being Microsoft) have some many websites for support (i.e. MS Answers, Technet, Office 365 Forums, Wiki's, Office Support, etc.).  The worst part about it is the wesbites are designed in such a way that they are distracting.  When you click on a topic there are so many distractions (i.e. link to this a link to that, like facebook, twitter, RSS, Quote, Email, Reply, Date, User Info).  How about trimming down the clutter and letting the users who are searching for answers, just get...  THE ANSWERS.  No one cares about a FaceBook link or an RSS link, etc.  UGH!!!  I am so frustrated with Office 365!  

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  • I cannot find answer to the link you mentioned. Can you please let me know how I can create new excel and powerpoint file in office365?

  • Jacktan, in order to create a new excel you need to have office professional as an option to your plan.

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  • Problem to add another mail to my web app, i have one account added but i have another mail which i like to see in same listing.dont have outlook in laptop, can i download it somewhere?

  • i'm not technically savvy....if i join or get office 365, will that replace MS office or do i still have to buy Outlook to get the Calendar, Mail...ect?

  • That doesn't make sense. If you are using the web apps portion of Office 365, shouldn't you be able to create new Excel and Powerpoint files from the web? You can create new Word documents all day long. Please inform us as to how you can create these much needed files.

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  • I have Office 2010 Professional installed on my laptop.  What advantage is there in switching to Office Professional Plus?  Second question, can these two applications co-exist on the same maching?

  • none as I find 365 is terrible

  • I have an E3 plan. Where do I find the Office Web Apps. And no, I'm not talking about SkyDrive. How do I get to browser based versions of Word, Excel, etc and be able to save to my Sharepoint site?

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