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  • Let me post my steps and we'll go from there:

    1. I search my sharepoint document for the files

    2. click on the file I want.

    3. The document opens and I can browse it all the way to the end

    4. I click on a piece of text to highlight and click the "edit" option/bubble and then I get the error.

    "Can't Edit

    Unsupported content. This version of Word doesn't support some of the content in this document. You won't be able to make any changes"

  • This is the official mobile office statement,


    You might not be able to edit a Microsoft Office document on your phone depending on what's in it or how it was last saved. Here are some of the more common things that make a document read-only on your phone.


    The file is:

    • Saved as an older type of Microsoft Office document, such as a Microsoft Word 97-2003 document (.doc), Microsoft Excel 97-2003 workbook (.xls), or Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 presentation (.ppt).

    • Digitally signed.

    • Marked as final.

    • Protected using rights management.

    • Protected with a password.

    • Protected with restricted editing rights.


    Microsoft Word documents are read-only if they have:

    • Track changes enabled.

    • Frames.

    • Custom markup (customxml, sdt tags, or smart tags).

    • XML where the XML tags have unsupported values.


    Microsoft Excel workbooks are read-only if they have:

    • Formulas that aren't supported on the phone.

    • Scenarios.

    • Data validation in one or more cells.

    • Array formulas.

    • Data tables.

    • Slicers.

    • Macros enabled.

    • Large column or row widths.

    • Formulas that contan links or references to other workbooks.

    • Formulas with structured references.

    • Formulas that contain references, content, or formatting beyond cell IV16384.

    • Longer formulas, such as a formula that is longer than 512 characters or has more than 30 arguments in it.

    • Shared workbooks with tracked changes.

    • Workbooks with dialog sheets.

    • XML markup that isn't formed correctly.

    • OLE objects or ActiveX controls.


    For Microsoft OneNote notebooks:

    • You can’t edit a page from a notebook that was sent as an email attachment.

    • A notebook that is shared on SkyDrive or on a Microsoft SharePoint site and marked as read-only.

    • A page that only contains content that’s not supported in Microsoft OneNote Mobile, such as ink drawings, shapes, or unsupported images.

    • A notebook that has a corrupted page.


    For Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, you can only make certain types of edits on your phone. Some examples include editing text in a text box, changing the order of slides, or hiding slides.

  • Here are my questions for the moderators. Where do I find more information about this?

    • Formulas that aren't supported on the phone. What formulas aren't supported on Windows Phone?

    • Large column or row widths. How long?

    • OLE objects or ActiveX controls - Will pictures or embedded information from other office products make my documents read only?


    Where can I get more details about mobile office?

  • Does Office365 RE support Project Professional 2010  >  doing the following?  > Project managers can now collaborate with teams to share schedule details quickly with SharePoint® Online task list synchronization. Individuals throughout the organization can view the task list, to quickly see task status and update progress in SharePoint Online—from virtually anywhere. Project managers can then easily synchronize and update the project plan from Project Professional 2010. Synchronization is bi-directional, providing greater flexibility for communicating with the team, no matter their location!

  • Brad - yes, it should. I haven't tested it myself to be fair but I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work.

  • As a Partner at a small business (100 FTEs) and new Office 365 customer, I must say that while we have been impressed by the features, we are absolutely dissappointed at the support.  We have had a Sharepoint site outage for almost 20 days with no resolution and little communications.  Unfortunatly we are at the point that we have to re-think our whole 365 strategy and move to another cloud-based collaboration solution.  

    I hope Microsoft puts some serious thought into being a service provider as small businesses cannot afford to have these types of outages.

    Happy to talk to anyone who is thinking about moving to 365 and give them a summary of our experiences.  Also happy to talk to anyone from Microsoft about this subject as well.

  • Has anyone ran into this issue a local install of Outlook 2010 configured for 365?

    User:  Email is coming through, appointments are synching, etc., but I cannot use the scheduling assistant or resource finder (room finder). It says “Cannot determine location of your server.)

  • Do you have SP1 for Office 2010 installed?

  • I will have to double check with the user (remote). I wanted to see if this was a common issue before I went to troubleshoot. Have you seen SP1 be a remedy in cases like this?

  • I haven't seen this specific issue before but SP1 does address some syncing issues so it's a good idea to confirm at least that baseline before you go too far with other troubleshooting.

  • Hi dear.I have live mail.But all update coworker#

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  • yes i have net device#