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  • Try this: Go into Outlook - File - Info - Account Settings - Double click the Exchange Account - More Settings - Security Tab - CHECK the Always Prompt for Logon Credentials - Close Outlook - enter username and password - click on Remember my Credentials - close Outlook and repeat - and don't forget to click on Remember my Credentials.    Go back into More Settings - Security Tab - and REMOVE the check from the Alway Prompt for Logon Credentials.

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  • I want to make a comment. Many think that other filestypes get no respect in Office 365. If you have the Office Plus addon, you get the sharepoint workspaces with syncs all your files locally and treats them the same. This is the best solution because it allows you to work offline with your files. Just remember this...use sharepoint workspaces and be more productivity!!
  • I am unable to set up my microsoft exchange e-mail on my new I-phone, 4S, thouhg I followed to the letter the instructions on the office 365 web applications page of my admin website.  Any suggestions for help?  Is the passsword asked for the same as my Office 365 password?  If not, what password is it asking for?

    Thanks, Bill

  • Hi Bill, yes, it's the same password as your Office 365 account. What happens when you try to do it and it fails? Do you get an error message?  Are you trying to set it up as an Exchange account or are you trying to use POP3/IMAP?

  • Thanks for the response.

    I get through the first prompts in settings then to the next page asking for server information.  I enter for the server (per instructions in office 365 for I-phone 4S).  I get an error message "unable to verify account."   I have been trying to set it up as an exchange account.

  • Solved the problem with AT&T help by phone.  Microsoft Exchange phone help is hopelessly backlogged apparently.

  • Hi Darryl,

    I got a windows phone this week and tried to edit office files on my o365 sharepoint site and this is the message I got:

    "Can't Edit

    Unsupported content. This version of Word doesn't support some of the content in this document. You won't be able to make any changes"

    I'm assuming this is a word/office problem not a phone one, yes?  

  • Actually I would guess you're getting that message because you're trying to edit files that are in a format or contain elements that the Windows Phone version of Word doesn't support.

  • So what features are and aren't supported in office mobile vs office2010? Do I need to start using .doc again?  I didn't realize "attempting" to edit the document wasn't supported :-)  

  • I'd have to look for the list but the mobile version of Word (like the web version) is considerably more limited than the desktop version of Word 2010 is. Is there anything complicated in the documents you're trying to edit?  Lots of advanced formatting elements? Macros? Tables and columns? Lots of graphics?

  • This is unbelievable. I bought this phone so I could edit work files and stop lugging a computer around but if the mobile versions are so limited...

    I need research this. I'll post my results.

  • It's not really that surprising. :-)  Microsoft Office is a very large and complex piece of software. It would be very difficult to write a feature-complete version of Word that would work on a mobile phone (or in a web browser).

    The mobile version of Word contains the essential features for working with (including creating and editing) basic documents. It's not really intended to be a replacement for the desktop version of Word for creating heavily formatted or complex documents.

  • I can't even edit my documents...feature not supported...

  • I understand that - which should NOT be the case if the documents are basic but COULD be the case if your documents have features that are not supported by the mobile version. That's why I asked if they were extensively formatted, had a lot of tables or graphical elements, multiple sections, etc....

  • It's a word document with text only...I can browse the document fine but when I try to edit it I get the errors.