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  • If one is already using Office Pro Plus 2010 (from the action pack distribution) is it necessary to overwrite it with the Office365 download? Or is there some documentation someplace that discussed configuring the existing installation to work with the online servers?

  • Hi G,

    If you were to get an Office 365 subsciption to Office Pro Plus 2010, then you would have to download those bits.

    I'm not sure what the action pack distribution is, but if you've already purchased and installed a local copy of Office Pro Plus 2010 on your workstation, you wouldn't necessarily need to purchase a subscription to the cloud version. On the corporate network there could be a reason to ensure all users are cloud-subscription based, e.g., cloud-based data storage for all users, but if users can have a local version of Office Pro Plus 2010 with local data storage, then perhaps the only subscription needs might be for Lync, Exchange, and SharePoint.  


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  • I have an expanded version of G Latiak's question, but first, a partial answer. Products available through an Action Pack subscription are licensed to the partner for full commercial use in their own business. Based on this I don't expect to pay a monthly fee for software I already have installed and activated under a legitimate license - which jives with Darryl's conjecture.


    I've looked all through the O365 admin area and also went through the buy/checkout process up to the payment options page but haven't found a way to associate existing licenses with my subscription. I'm interested to find out how this will work for clients that have Office Pro licenses under a volume agreement with software assurance.


    Additionally, since the Action Pack includes not only Office but Windows, SBS, etc. I'm hoping some 365 seats will be added to the package. Since my trial is now fully expired I'll be researching this with a high level of urgency over the next couple days. I'll post my findings to this thread.


    Darryl, clarify an item in your post for me. Are you unsure about the cloud services being included in the Action Pack or do you not know what the Action Pack is? The question isn't meant to be disparaging, it's just that for many years the Action Pack has been the magical source of power for a lot of us small consulting operations.



  • Correct - I didn't know what the Action Pack is. I was simply explaining my understanding of what happens to an on-premise install of Office Pro Plus when one subscribes to the Office 365 version of Office Pro Plus. Sorry I couldn't give you more information - I hope you can get more help at


  • Darryl, The Action Pack is a way to license Microsoft software products by Microsoft Partners. Details are available at

  • This is helpful.

    Thanks for the Link.

  • Except the fact that you will find Office 365 unusable if you want to use other than MS filetypes.

    PDF's, Autocad and all other filetypes are blacklisted in Office 365, meaning you can't open these filetypes directly in your Internet Explorer.


    You can use Firefox, but then you loose a lot of SharePoint functionality!

    Don't go to Office 365 . I have tried and got slashed by my costumers!!!


    Read this:

  • I'm using a non-365 installed copy of Office 2010. I can upload and save to office 365 right now with no problems. smilward's comments were funny...the product says "OFFICE" 365. What I'm curious about is how many customers have you been slashed by?
  • We have five computers+ in our home but only one currently has Windows 7 Home Premium, I believe one has Windows 7 Professional, one has Windows XP w SP3, and I don't recall what the other one has. I also have Office 2010 Professional I believe it is on one of those computers. I subscribed to the trail Office 365 in hopes that I can use the Office 2010 now on each of these computers. I also have a license for a MS Project.  I would like to know if more that one of the computers we are using will be able to open and edit  in all of the MS Office 2010 applications and will they all be able to open and edit the MS Project application that I have on one of these computers?

  • Hi Zen,

    if you buy the Office 365 level that includes Office Professional Plus (that's the E3 level) you'll get Office 2010 Professional Plus for each machine.  However, Office 2010 Professional Plus does NOT include MS you'll still only be able to open those files on the one computer that has MS Project on it.

    SharePoint has some project capabilities - but not sure if they'll be enough for what you want.

  • Ben's comments are correct in that all computers will be able to work with an Office file except the Microsoft Project.   Project can be saved as Excel files and as images for reports.  Project is storing the data in a custom Access file, so Access can read (and write) project files -- with CUSTOM code.  

    With the Lync application or just remote desktop, you could share the workstation where Project is installed and users can use that CPU for Project edits.

  • Yes, but you can download and use your own computer programs to work with the files.  You just do not use Web apps.

  • My email account has been upgraded from Office Outlook 2010 to Outlook 365. Everytime I want to access my email account I now have to enter user name and password. The remember me facility doesn't work. This is a pain in the butt. Is there anyway I can access my account the way I used to on Office Outlook, that is to say without having to enter user name and password every time?

  • James, if you are opening a new browser page to access Outlook 365 online, you are correct.   If you logon and keep the web browser open, you can use other tabs or minimize the window as you work on other things.

    If you have Outlook 2010 on your computer, you can add the Outlook 365 account to it and it can save your email logon and password and you will not have to enter when checking email.