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Have questions about using the Office 2010 suite? Join

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If you're an Office Professional Plus subscriber and have questions about using the Office 2010 suite, you can peruse or join the Office 2010 forum at 

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  • I failed to mention that I'll be getting a (P1) plan. It's only me...self-employed.  I don't know what the price is for E3? I'm glad the web apps will be available like Hotmail/Skydrive.  I just read your first reply about Outlook and thank you for answering.  I apologize, in case I didn't edit this fast enough.

    Thanks for your halp and reply.  

  • Web outlook will be available. Just read the service descriptions to confirm expectations, okay? - P Plan - E Plans

    Also, the pricing has change lower recently so confirm.

  • Thnaks for the links for the downloads.  I believe the prces dropped, but I'm on the canadian plan.  A little bit more.  i/e $7/month for P1

    Heres the prices in $US

  • I type a bunch of stuff and lost it.  Thanks for offering pricing.  I am proably going to be the only user and will not need all this Office 365 stuff.  I built a website on Office Live and had to transition, so I just needed to get a MS Partner to set up Office 365 and regiter the domain and such.

    Basically. webhosting for $7/month,my Pratner is also a user.  That makes 2, unless he pulls out before I buy the license.

    Are you a partner?

  • Yes, I'm a partner.

  • being a partner allows me to get you a quote.

  • I wasn't questioning that at all.  partner or not, I'm grateful for assistance.  My partner was away march break and I posted a question this thread awhile back.  I came into the forum, probably asking things that I should have had spelled out clearly by MS, but that wasn't the case.

    I gut so buggered up think I need Meetings and IM, when in fact my original plan was just to get the site going, and it is, and pay for webhosting.  All this jazz about Office Professional Plus, I didn't eben know that existed until I signed up for Office 365 to do the transitiom of the website.

    I won't delete this thread, who knows what will happen in the future.  I have your contact info, if I'll eber need a new partner.  I hope you don't mind, I'll keep this thread.

    Thanks for answering my questions and supplying good links and resources.


  • No problem..

  • Hi Darryl,

    I'm really stuck. I currently have an office live account that is about to expire, and I will lose my site. So would really appreciate your help, before it is too late.

    Logging into my office live account I saw a notice to move to office365, I signed up to office365 and I used the office trial link that was on the notice that would extend my offer to 6monts.

    Since then I have just tried to log in and I got a message:-  

    "Access denied -

    The user ID that you entered is not recognized. If this is a new account, it may take a few hours before you have access to services.

    Sign out"

    From this point I don't know who to  contact, to look into my account status and figure out why I can't login.  

    Can you please help me ?

    Many Thanks in Advance.


  • Hi Abid,

    I'm looking into this right now.  I'll post something as soon as I can.


  • Hello abid,

    I wanted to how are things going on your end ? Please let us know if you still need assistance in regard to this issue.

    Kind Regard,
    Mario Novoa
    O365 Technical Support