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How do you add a Windows Live Messenger contact to your Lync contacts?

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Before signing up to Office365, I had a live ID using my domain name, this same email address is now used for Office365 - I understand I should now use Lync instead of Windows Live Messenger, that's fine...


Before I signed up for Office365, I had a few contacts on Windows Live Messenger. Now I want to add more Live Messenger users...How do I do it?


I have setup external communication on my domain.


I login to Lync desktop app


I see the Live messenger contacts in the list, all the ones that were there before I signed up for Office365,

however, I don't know how to add additional new external contacts who use Live Messenger.


The people I want to add are in "My Contacts" in Outlook etc, but do not show up in the Lync application.


How do I get new Windows Live Messenger contacts to appear in Lync??






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  • If they are using a live ID that is one of microsoft's (,, etc.) then just type their name in the find a contact box and pin them to your contacts. If their live ID is using another domain like then you format the search like butch(

    When you have them pinned you have to wait for them to accept the invitation before you can see thier presence nfo.

  • Hi Butch,

    I did a search for a contact in Lync and they showed up. I right clicked on them and chose "Add to contacts lists" and put them in "General".

    However I just spoke to the person and they signed into Windows Live and there was no request. They just show as being offline for me, even though they have signed in, they don't have a request from me.

    Should this pop up from Windows Live messenger just like when one WLM user adds another? Or does it go through as an email?

    I have definitely activated external contacts and that was about 48 hours ago, all shows as being active.

    Is there another step I need to take?

  • Go to this page and see what your domains' external communication status is.

  • it shows as enabled for both the and my own domain.

    My username is setup to use my own domain and all email, outlook etc is working fine.

    Just can't get these external contacts working for some reason.

    Any help much appreciated.

  • I wonder if the outages today have it bundled.

  • Hi Dan,

    The support for Lync connectivity with Windows Live Messenger in Office 365 for Small Businesses is temporarily removed. The reason for this temporary change is that individuals using a vanity or custom domain (i.e. with both Office 365 and Messenger were unable to access their Messenger accounts. By temporarily disabling Lync-Messenger connectivity, those customers can continue to use their existing Messenger accounts.

    The product team is working to address this issue and will re-enable support for Lync-Messenger connectivity in Office 365 for Small Businesses in the coming months. Please watch out our forum and office website for any update about this issue. Thank you for the understanding.

    For more information, please refer to the following blog:  
    Mindy Pan

  • Hi Dan,

    Does the reply above answer your question?

    Mindy Pan