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Lync Server settings when using Pidgin instead of Microsoft Lync chat client

  • A few of the users in my company are using non-Microsoft platforms. For this reason, they use Pidgin or other chat clients. 

    What is the Lync server settings so that they can sign-in using Office 365 credentials?

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  • Hi,

    Currently, it seems like that we cannot add a Lync online account in Pidgin. Please understand that Pidgin is not developed by Microsoft and the information is limited for us. I will suggest using the Microsoft Lync 2010 Client to sign in Lync Online. You may download the Microsoft Lync Online for Enterprises Service Description.docx for more information.


    Mindy Pan


  • Hello,

    K K, our Exchange admin, went straight to the core of the issue by asking about Pidgin; I'd like to back up a few steps and ask how he finds out this information:

    1. What is our DOMAIN\user? For instance, if I am user janedoe, our company is Acme Manufacturing, and our OWA domain is at, is our DOMAIN\user ACME\janedoe?

    2. What is our server port? Example:

    3. What is our encryption type/protocol? SSL/TLS? TCP? UDP?

    A detailed answer would be wonderful and we'd be very grateful; K K has many settings, but doesn't know what any of these particular settings are called in his admin panel.

  • Lync uses SIP right?  Which other messengers are capable of using.....RIGHT?

    How about you actually help your customers rather than just avoiding the questions and sending some worthless documents.


  • Hi all,

    Pidgin and other 3rd party applications are not supported due to the proprietary coding that is used with Lync Online.

    3rd party clients will not connect to Lync Online regardless of the settings you may try, because they do not contain the necessary proprietary coding.



  • Wow, thanks a ton for that very HELPFUL information.  

    Are there any plans to open up the proprietary code?  

    Why is MS locking people out from using a 3rd party chat utility?  Everyone doing so knows that it wont be supported by MS, so it should be no hassle to you.  Beside, MS's support is so bad we and every IT professional never call it because we get answers like the one you just provided.

    Thanks for locking us into your Chat client, sure hope this has somehow strategicly placed you in a position to keep me buying Microsoft products.  

    This is just bad business on so many different levels its not funny.

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  • Yes would like to get Pidgin working with Lync too. Try to get it working with SIPE  on Windows. Why? because Lync doesn't have spell checking.

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  • Are there any plans to enable support for 3rd party clients that wish to connect to Lync Online? The lack of interoperability is quite unfortunate.

  • Microsoft's style indicates that they won't open to 3rd party. Can you ask apple to open iMessage to 3rd party?

    You can acess Lync through web instead of client.

    There are risks to open the protocol to other clients

  • Unfortunately the Lync Web App seems to have the same restrictions as the full client. The list of supported platforms is uninspiring. Personally, I think it would be great if the industry as a whole embraced interoperability as a Good Thing. I'm hoping that if enough people ask for it, Microsoft will open up the protocol.

  • Hi All,

    Currently, there are several Lync clients which are developed for different platforms, such as Lync 2010 for Windows, Lync Web App, Lync for Mac and Lync Mobile.

    At this point, you can submit your feedback about connecting Lync to third party clients to Microsoft via the link:

    Microsoft Product Team will take all suggestions and feedback into consideration for future releases. Thank you for your understanding.

    Best regards,
    Mindy Pan


  • Pidgin now has semi-experimental support for connecting to Office 365. You will need Pidgin v2.10.1 or greater as well as the SIPE plugin v1.13.0 or greater. There is an FAQ for the SIPE plugin listing the required configuration settings and solutions to common issues. Good luck everyone!

    P.S. if does not work for you, try

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  • Thanks Chris.  This worked perfectly.  

  • hi Phil,

    may i please know how you got pidgin working?

    i have tried to follow the one on FAQ, but when i login i get "Read Error"

    i have pidgin 2.10.3 and pidgin-sipe 1.13.1

    i have tried the following;



    Auth Scheme: TLS-DSK


    UCCAPI/4.0.7577.314 OC/4.0.7577.314 (Microsoft Lync 2010)

    UCCAPI/4.0.7577.256 OC/4.0.7577.280 (Microsoft Lync 2010)


    and i have also set this:

    $ printenv | grep NSS



  • Thanks, finally I have an alternative that works.. The window blinking in lync was to much for me..