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Adding Live Messenger ( contacts to Lync contact List

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I cannot seem to locate instructions on how to add Live Messenger ( contacts to my Lync contact list.  Please advise.  Thank you.



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  • Hello

    first you have to enable Federation for Lync

    go to the portal administration

    from the admin page, go to the Lync section and click on Manage (

    At the top, click on Public IM and enable the federation with public IM

    then open your Lync client and search for the contact based on this format user(domain) - ex: benoit(

  • Unfortunately, I don not see the "Public IM" option.  I have an option for "External communications settings" that is either Enabled or Disabled.  And it is currently Enabled.

  • I can't see "Public IM" either.

  • Would like to chime in here - I have enabled the federation and I have been able to add users using your format - however - the user's show up as offline in LYNC, but online in Live Messenger - what more is needed?

  • Hello

    try to initiate a communication from the Live Messenger

  • Hello

    this is due you have a Small Business plan; so go to Eternal communications settings

    you should have option related to Public IM

  • I'm confused here to.  I'm using the beta small business plan and the only option I see on the control panel is External communications setting with with choices of "Enabled" or "Disabled". I have Enabled selected, but when I add external contacts they never get notified and their presence remains as "Presence unknown".  (But interestly, if an external contact adds me, they show up correctly.  However, this isn't an acceptable solution.)

    In the same catagory of NRFPT (not ready for prime time), I don't see anyway to import (or centralize) a list of external contacts. Everyone in my company shares a common list of external IM contacts. I'd like to be able to centrally import and manage the external list (or at least have an option for each user to import a list of contacts.)

  • Would just like to second kbar's concern about being able to centrally import/mange a list of contacts.

  • Rather strange - I am able to contact some externals now, but not all, some are, some are - odd.

  • Hi


    I'm having the same problem in our beta P1 subscribtion. I can enable the External Communications, but our domains listed below mention disabled. Our domains are hosted in Office 365.