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Connecting with external users

  • Good afternoon -


    Is there a way I can create Easy Assist sessions with Lync 2010 similar to what I can do with my Live Meeting Professional account?


    How do I provide external users (specifically Red Cross volunteers) who do not have an account on Office 365 access to my team site? I'm helping them share information, so they can better help disaster victims on the ground in 23 states where Red Crossers are responding? I want to provide them with the ability to communicate with Lync.

    Please send me the direct link or detailed steps of where the setting below is.

    Allow users to add external contacts to Lync

    By default, your users cannot add contacts from external messaging services,
    such as Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger, to their Microsoft Lync 2010
    accounts. If you would like to allow your users to add external contacts, you
    can do so on the Lync 2010 Control Panel.

    1. In the header, click Admin.

    2. Under Lync, click General settings.

      The Lync Online Control Panel opens.

    3. Click Enable.

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  • Hello Michael,

    When fully operational, Lync Online will give you the ability to federate with other domains that are outside of your company, allowing you to accept IM conversations from people not in your own company.  Here's a page about that feature:

    Currently it has some limitations, namely in terms of what kind of users you can federate with and what clients it can work with, but it may be as that feature progresses during the beta you'll be able to open meetings and allow those external users to join them.

  • I have a trial account and it says that the External communication is disabled for my domain. How do I enable that for the trial?

  • Hello Matt,

    Just click the Enable button under the External Communication section in the Lync General Settings page.  It'll take some time to enable, as that kicks off some backend processes that'll soon enable your domains, so you'll need to wait a bit after you do that.

  • Hello Alexander

    I have done that, wait one week and still can't comunicate with external contacts. I was able to add them to lync but they remain offline dispite they are online on msn.

    Thank you for your help

  • Hello Miguel,

    You may want to disable that option, wait a few hours, and then re-enable it.  It may be that it didn't properly provision the first time you enabled it.