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Change User ID can't login to Lync with new name in sign-in address

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I changed a user name and cannot use it when signing into Lync.


Changed user name from to


I can't use the XYZ@domain as the sign-in name in Lync, I have to Sign in with the id


Is this "By Design" ?  I would need my users to be able to use their new ID to login.



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  • Dorou,

    You will need to have that user login using to complete the name change. After that has been completed, then have them retry logging into Lync.

  • I can seem to login using the new user name but with the old sign-in address.


    sign-in address: (Old Id)


    User name: (New Id)


    Password: <password>


    After I changed ABC to XYZ I cannot login using as the sign-in address.


    I can login as the XYZ account using without an issue.   Is this how it is supposed to be...I tried it with another user name and it works consitantly.



  • I have the exact same problem, changed username from to i can login to the portal with the new username which is federated, but lync is still unable to connect


  • We didn't have an onpremises Lync server.

    The way I resolved this issue, was:

    1) open the properties of the migrated/federated user CONTACT on your onpremises Exchange server

    2) Under e-mail addresses add a new Custom address

    3) In the e-mail address type the users email address (or what you want for the users' SIP address to be)

    4) And for e-mail type: SIP

    5) Click OK twice

    6) Go to your O365 sync server and force a sync with this cmdlet: Start-OnlineCoexistenceSync