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How long until the 'Setting up Lync Online... this may take a few minutes' message goes away?

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The 'Setting up Lync Online... this may take a few minutes' message has persisted for hours.  How long does it take for the Lync Online setup to complete?  (This is NOT the download/install of Lync, which has been completed succesfully; it's the server-side config processes, I believe.)  Is this just a message I can ignore?
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  • I have the same issue, any answers?

  • I have the same issue:

    "Setting up Lync Online... this may take a few minutes"

    it's been more than a few minutes....more like an hour

  • Same here. Maybe a temporary issue? Looks like we've all experienced this on the same day.

  • Just checked the blogs looks like they are doing some "provisioning" and that might be the casue for this delay in getting things setup.

    Check it out at:

  • Agreed, it does seem like that might be the culprit.  So here's the REAL question: why is that buried in a blog, instead of the 'Planned Maintenance' ( page?  Isn't that what that page is for?  

    FWIW, I still have the 'this may take a few minutes' message.  6 hours and counting.

  • Mine is working now.

  • Mine too.  But now it says 'Install Lync' when, in fact, I've done that...

  • Mine is installed now.........just have to figure out how to make it work.........

  • Were you able to get it working?  Also for everyone here, how long did it take to provision?

  • Chris,

    I did.  Took about 6 hours for the message to go away.  The install was quick, painless and error-free.  How about you?

  • I am getting the same problem - it has been "Setting up Lync Online" since last night now.


    Is there a known issue around this or do I need to do something?