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Error ID 403 (Source ID 239)

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On a new install of Lync on Win7 64 bit, I am unable to join any online meeting.  I get the error in the subject above.  If it matters, I also can't communicate with any Live Messenger users in Lync.  I just changed my domain federation settings to allow public IM connectivity and block only domains I specify per some other messages in the forum but it doesn't seem to have any effect.  Any ideas?






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  • Hello dave,

    You may check the federation settings if the PIC (public IM connectivity) is in Active. T

    To contact Live Messenger, you need to add the external contact and he/she should appear to be Online.

    Then follow the troubleshooting steps to eliminate possible issues.

  • Federation is set up properly, I've checked my firewall (local and network) and all ports are OK as near as I can tell - local firewall turned off temporarily and network firewall allowing all outbound connections.  Downloaded and ran the MOSDAL tool but it locks up and dies after about 3 minutes of running the network diagnostic test.  I can manually add a Live Messenger user, but their presence always shows as "unknown" and when I try to IM them, I get the same error - 403/239


  • I am experiencing the same issue.

  • Dave, make sure you are running the MOSDAL utility as an administrator. Please use the utility for Online Services.

    Here are the full instructions:

    1. On the sign in screen for Lync Messenger, click on the gear in the upper right hand corner. This should open the Lync- Options pane.

    2. In the Options pane Select General.

    3. Check the box titled "Turn on logging in Lync"

    4. Sign into Lync and perform steps in which the behavior or lack thereof is occurring.

    5. Navigate to your Users folder and locate the tracing folder. It is usually under C:/Users/(name of user)

    6. Zip up the tracing folder, attach it to an email and respond to this trouble ticket.

    Afterwards, please download the MOSDAL reporting tool for Microsoft Online Services on your computer.

    Unzip the file and run the “Setup.exe” (you may have to right-click on setup.exe, and click on Run as Administrator).

    Complete the following instructions to gather more information about your system environment:

    1. Click Start > All Programs > MOSDAL > MOSDAL Support Toolkit.

    This will open the MOSDAL tool.

    2. Place a checkmark next to the option:  “Show Results when complete”

    3. In the top drop-down menu titled "verbose logging", make sure communicator/Lync is selected.

    4. Select Data Collection, then click the Start button on the MOSDAL window.