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Lync 2011 for Mac and 365: Does it work for you?

  • Lync 2011 for Mac has been available for a few days now (through the VL area or via Technet).    

    I downloaded it right away and tested with our 365 tenant.   Thus far I have not been able to connect.   By the sounds of it, others are in the same boat.   Over the weekend people suggested 365 was not "ready" yet for Lync 2011 connectivity, but there is a Microsoft blog about using it, and I now see others posting info that it works for them.

    This thread is to poll people to see if it works or not, and see if we can narrow down similarities.

    With the sipdir information manually entered, I get the following error:

    "The user name, password, or domain appears to be incorrect.  Ensure that you entered them correctly.  If the problem continues, please contact your support team."

    Our configuration is 365 with no dirsync or ADFS, just creating users manually.    I have also tried logging in as userid@<domain> and that doesn't work either.

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  • Hello John,

    Currently the Lync 2011 for Mac client is only supported for Lync Server, not Lync Online. We are working on a Mac client that is compatible with Lync Online but it is not available at this time.

    Here is an article describing the features of the current Lync 2011 for Mac client:

  • You guys need to get your story straight.   Why does this Microsoft employee blog about how it works, and that it is working for others as well.

    Quote:  "I have a customer with more than 500 Mac's running Lync 2011 against Office 365.."

    Further, from the product web site itself "Lync for Mac is designed to work with both Lync Server 2010 and Lync Online to help you.." and later "Lync for Mac 2011 is fully compatible with Lync Server 2010 and Lync Online... "

    If this is a private beta or something only available to certain people someone should be communicating this.  

  • Contradictions everywhere. Why doesn't it work and why lie about it working Microsoft?!

  • I ended up calling Microsoft 365 support.  Their line is also that Lync 2011 does not work with 365 (only works with on-prem Lync).   They are aware that all the product documentation and web sites state that it should work with both.   They said they were working on it but could not give an ETA to either a fix or a different client.

    The issue I have is that companies do product selection based on "any device, anywhere, anytime" and we were told that Lync 2011 would be out and would support this service.    I hope for Microsoft's sake they are actually working hard to make the Lync 2011 client 365 compatible and not be limited in functionality.

  • Honestly, I think it's pretty terrible that it only supports Lync 2010 servers, not Lync Online/Office 365.  Our office is divided between Mac and PCs and it's terrible we have to find another solution for IM communication.  

  • Companies like Microsoft need to realize that people use things other than Windows PCs and this is growing, not shrinking.   When a company makes decisions on tools like IM, they will go with someone that can support more than just Windows.   Cisco has a solid IM offering and they are on the forefront of supporting Macs and other devices (mobile clients as well are a concern, and Microsoft has no plans to release anything for iOS or Android)    

    I really appreciate that Microsoft has supported an Office 2011 but they will continue to lose business if they take the Windows centric approach.

  • I work with the Lync Online support organization at Microsoft and I want to provide some clarification on the situation with the Lync for Mac client and Lync Online. Officially the Lync for Mac client supports connecting to Lync Online. The Lync Online and Office for Mac support teams are working closely with several customers that are experiencing issues with signing-in, but we have not yet identified a definitive root cause or solution. I can assure you we are committed to fully supporting the use of the recently released Lync for Mac with Lync Online, and we apologize for the issues that some are experiencing. More information will be provided as soon as it’s available.
  • Eric,  thanks for posting up about this.    I have a case opened up with microsoft on this as well and it looks like it got escalated today so hopefully I can help figure out whats causing it.    Would really love to see this client work.

  • Hi Eric

    We also use Off365 standard and Lync on Mac lion.

    Get the same error:

    "The user name, password, or domain appears to be incorrect.  Ensure that you entered them correctly.  If the problem continues, please contact your support team."

    Looking forward for a solution.

    We need the lync for making on lines demo


  • My business also adopted Office 365 because we thought it could support both Mac and Windows platforms. I am quite keen for the Lync client to be made workable with Office 365

  • So we waited, and held off our corporate decision on the Mac capability for Lync/365. I finally found the download on my MSDN account after searching all over for the download, updating office, etc. Then, it does not login, and tells me that the account credentials are bad. Now I find out that the new client, does not support the new 365 version of Lync. Why did MS even bother releasing this, knowing that it would enrage so many customers?  

    As an MS developer/manager/user since MSDOS , I find it is now harder and harder to defend Microsoft and their missteps and even more difficult to understand their product roadmap.

    Microsoft clearly does not understand that Google, Apple, and others know how to set expectations, and how to deliver according to those expectations.

  • Just another "me too" post - We're about 60/40 windows/mac clients, and the Lync 2011 for Mac showed up in my Volume License download list about a week ago. However, I cannot authenticate against the Office 365 server.

  • Hey guys, the last post up here from MS was 15 days ago. I am getting pounded with questions about when the mac client will be working, and getting ever so much close to being forced into switching to gmail.  I find nothing, except for Eric's older post up here that it is being worked on. Could someone please give a status update on this. Thank you!


    We can now login from our Mac/Lion onto Office 365.

    THANK YOU!!!