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Lync 2013 Client (RTM) Can't Sign into Lync Online (Office 365 v1)

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I have a clean build of Windows 8 Enterprise RTM and Office 2013 Professional Plus RTM.


We are subscribers to Office 365 (v1, NOT Office 365 Preview) and have Lync Online.


Our Lync 2010 Clients connect to Office 365, however Lync 2013, that comes as part of Office 2013 Professional Plus, will not sign into Lync Online.


The error message says:


"Can't sign in to Lync


Ther server is temporarily unavailable. If the problem continue, please contact your support team."


I have logged the issue with the Office 365 support team, who have redirect me here.


My Question is:


Does the Lync 2013 Client (RTM) work with/is supported with Office 365 (v1, NOT Office 365 Preview).


If the answer is YES: What configuration changes are required for it to work, as I cannot find any documentation on this.


If the answer is NO: When will Office 365 support connectivity from Lync 2013 clients?


Kind Regards,


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  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for posting here.

    Currently, the official document have not stated Lync 2013 client is supported with Office 365 (not preview). However, based on my experience, the Lync 2013 client is available to be working smoothly with Office 365 account, especially Lync 2013(RTM).

    Due to your Lync 2013 encountered sign-in issue, it’s our pleasure to be of assistance.

    From the error message you provided, I found a KB article about troubleshooting sign-in issues in Lync Online Preview for our reference. To fix the issue, please try to make sure the proper network environment and Fix DNS and network related sign-in problems by manual configuration the DNS resolution.

    Maggie Li

  • Hi Maggie Li,

    I had already followed the link that you suggested. I have manually configured the Lync 2013 Client and still get the same error. I am able to access Exchange Online using Outlook 2013 and SharePoint Online using other Office 2013 applications, but cannot get Lync 2013 to work.

    Kind Regards,


  • Daniel,

     I am having the same issue. I have installed Lync 2013 on 2 different client PCs and both exhibit the same issue.  I have downloaded and installed the ADMX templates, and rebuilt my GPO for 2013 to look like my 2010.  (manual log on servers, etc).

    2010 works, 2013 does not. Same error as you have posted above. I do not believe this to be a client side issue.

  • Hi,

    I also have this issue.  Using Windows 8 and Office 2013 both RTM,  It was working fine on Windows 7 before I did a fresh install of Windows 8.  Other members of staff can log in fine.


  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I have reproduced the situation (Windows 8 RTM, Office 2013 RTM, Office 365 account) without any issues on my side. Based on the situation, I would like you continue to troubleshoot the issue with further patience.

    Before moving on, I want to clarify with you the following things:

    1. Have you ever tried to sign in with another account?
    2. Have you ever tried to sign in with another computer?
    3. Did any other users in your organization encounter the same issue?

    In addition, if there are any special details, it will be nice to let us know. For example, if you uninstalled Office 2010 before install Office 2013, how long have the issue persisted?


    Hi Jason & Jonathan,

    Thanks for sharing your experience here. I understand you were encountering a similar issue and you have tried some steps to narrow down it. However, some symptom issue may be caused by different root cause. In order to avoid confusion, we recommend you create a new dedicated thread with detailed description about your situation, so that our engineers can dig deeper into your problem. Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    Maggie Li

  • Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for the reply.

    1. I have had another user try and sign in from my machine and this does not work.  

    2 I can sign into a Windows 7 machine running Lync 2013 fine

    3. We have had similar issues when the user has had Lync 2010 on.  In those cases we removed Lync 2010 and reinstalled Lync 2013 and this worked.

    My machine is a fresh install of Windows 8 RTM and Office 2013 RTM which I did yesterday.  I can not sign in through the Windows 8 app either.

    Before I rebuilt my machine it was working fine on Windows 7 and the Office 2013 preview.

    My machine is also bypassing the corporate firewall.

    Thanks again


  • Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your response with details.

    From your description, as the Lync 2013 is running well on Windows 7 machines instead running bad on Windows 8 machines. I suggest you perform the steps in this KB article to narrow down the issue. . If this is not helpful for you, I sincerely recommend you create a new thread with your detailed requirement, this is so we could focus on your questions and provide more specific solutions for you. Thanks for your understanding.

    Maggie Li

  • Hi Daniel,

    I would like to follow up with the question you posted previously. How are things going?

    Maggie Li