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Missing Start Recording option in Lync Client

  • I am looking at Record and play back meetings in Lync 2010 feature from 

    1. To start recording, in a meeting or Conversation window, do one of the following:
    • Click the More options button, and then click Start Recording.
    • In the menu bar, click Actions, and then click Start Recording. (If the Actions menu is not visible, click the More options button, and then click Show Menu Bar.)

    I am not seeing this option in my Lync Conversation. Am I missing any configuration settings?

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  • Hi Svaradarajan,

    Please check to make sure you have "presenter" permissions. You need to make sure you have these permissions in a conference to record. Also, conference functionality is only available between two people at this time.


  • I could not see "Start Recording" option even with "presenter" permissions.

    I am looking at the following section of the documentation: "When you’re in a person-to-person Lync conversation, you can start recording as long as each participant’s organization allows recording."

    Are there any Admin settings to allow recording at organization level?

  • Hi Svaradarajan,

    I have requested futher support from the Office 365 Lync team to help on this one. I will provide an update as soon as I receive one.


  • Hi Svaradarajan,

    I am back with a response for you:

    "During the Beta, record functionality is unavailable.  We are investigating when this functionality will be made available and will update the Community when more information is available."

    Thank you for your patience!

  • Thanks for the response.

  • Hi Shandar,

    Recording actually is available in Lync Online, but not for Peer-2-Peer conversations.  You must escalate the conversation to a "Conference" by adding a 3rd participant, desktop sharing or whiteboarding.  The recording option will save the conference to your hard drive, where you can distribute it from there.

    Thank you,


  • I still can't find the recording option anywhere, even when in a conference with 3 or more people. Is this an intended behavior? Will the recording option be available by the time Office 365 gets out of beta?

  • At the time of my original post, recording options were available in Lync Online.  However, since then, the Lync Online team has disabled recording options due to some local and regional restrictions around recording.  Until they can effectively address those issues, recording options will remain unavailable.

  • With Office365 due to RTW at any moment, are there any updates on when the recording option will be available again?

  • Anyone? :)

  • I guess it's official:

  • At that link, it says, "Recording options will be re-enabled after the update is released and deployed to Lync Online." What does that mean? I thought I was using Lync Online. Almost all other web conferencing programs allow recording.

  • Are there any updates on when recording will be available?  That is a major selling point for Lync....

  • Bill,

    If you really need to record there are products out there that will allow you to that from any window. As for getting back in Lync, my guess is the legal department will add so many hoops to that , that it will not be any time soon.