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SIP/2.0 400 invalidStaticMeetingRequest while creating Online Meeting in Outlook


    Any Idea or clue how to resolve this issue?



    : 3161;reason="Static meetings are not permitted.";source=""


    : 3161;reason="Static meetings are not permitted."


    : application/cccp+xml


    : RTC/4.0

  • Hello Tejas Haria

    The error text you posted appears to be from the UCCAPI log for Lync. Do you get an error message in Outlook or Lync itself while trying to create the meeting? Does it prevent you from creating or joining a meeting URL at all? I have attempted to reproduce the error on my end using a few different scenarios and was unable to reliably reproduce it, and even when I got the error in the UCCAPI log I was still able to create and join the meeting.

    Best Regards,
    Jacob T

  • Tejas Haria,

    We have not heard from you recently regarding this issue. Please let us know if your issue has been resolved or if you need further assistance.

    Best Regards,
    Jacob T